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Another way to spend your vacation in Indonesia “Green Vacation”

fnpf NGO

A friend of mine inspired me to write this post. At the moment, she works at this NGO. And after i know it, i would share it to you guys about this organisation if any of you don’t know yet about this. Personally i found it very interesting. I would do it myself if i have a chance. But sadly, again i have such a hectic life right now. Okay, now let’s straight to the point.

She works in FNPF (Friends of the National Parks Foundation). It’s a local Indonesian NGO that was founded in 1997 by a group of veterinarians, and conservation / community minded Indonesians.

This organisation create and run community-based conservation that respects the interdependence of wildlife, habitat and local community. It have saved the Bali’s emblem bird and one of the world’s rarest birds, the Bali Starling, from becoming extinct in the wild, relocated dozens of Orangutans to safety from the palm oil plantations to Tanjung Puting National Park and Lamandau River Wildlife Reserve, and have improved the well-being of hundreds of local community members.

You could imagine how this NGO try to save the world, especially Indonesia. This NGO have a volunteer program for you guys who might be have some interest to save the world or who love animal or maybe who need an unique way to spend you time to some extraordinary experience.

So, for more info about this NGO and their program, or may be you want to become a volunteer and be a hero, you may open this link http://www.fnpf.org/ [aci]

When Indonesian Theaters Goes International “Hanoman The Ultimate Warrior”


Well as i must said personally, that at first i think theater, and drama in Indonesia isn’t one of the main thing like in France, or other countries. But, I’ve changed my mind after i saw the news about the success of drama musical entitled Hanoman : The Ultimate Warrior which was held in Jakarta several days ago. The story was originally taken from Indonesian traditional wooden puppet story. The casts are variative, from the real actor to singer. In fact, i saw that there are some  international artist that joined this event. Sadly, i don’t have any chance to see it live. But i heard that it was well composed and contained several actions stuff, and all the elements makes the harmony in this show even more  beautiful

This story was directed by Mirwan Suwarso. He said that the main goal of this story is to attract the Indonesian people to know a Indonesian’s traditional story which slowly but sure young generation starting to forget about it. July 2013, this show will be held in five differents cities in America such as Anaheim, Houston, Florida, Tampa, and San Jose. Next destination will be Europe. Some viewers recommend “Hanoman The Musical” to be watch with all of our family.

193846_pementasan-hanoman-the-ultimate-warrior_663_382 193848_pementasan-hanoman-the-ultimate-warrior_663_382 193845_pementasan-hanoman-the-ultimate-warrior_663_382
for more info about this show, you could see it at this link www.dramasinema.com atau www.hanomanthemusical.com [aci]

*We did not own all the picture and the video in this post


How buddhism people in Indonesia celebrate their waisak day


the monk in the temple

Hello everyone? long time no see… it’s been a while since our last posting. Several days ago, the buddhism people celebrated their Waisak day. In Indonesia, when the Waisak day is come, people are gathering to Borobudur temple. Well, as i said in one of my posting about Borobudur temple, the temple itself was built in the 8th century, and the tradition about Waisak was held eversince 1953 by The Boan An or Bhikkhu Ashin Jinarakkhita as the ancestor of the Budhist in Indonesia. About 1000 lanterns was carried by all the people to illuminate the west area of Borobudur temple. The athmosphere was so unique and the view was beautiful. Just like the other years before, there’re about 10.000 buddhism whose celebrated Waisak in Borobudur temple. In 4-5 may 2012 the eternal flame was taken from Mrapen Kabubaten Grobogan, and the holy water was taken from Umbul Jumprit Kabupaten Temanggung. Here it is the picture that i took from googling… :)) [aci]


Richard Gere in the Borobudur Temple


the lantern in Borobudur Temple

Indonesian Writer – Risa Sarasvati

Risa Sarasvati

Risa Sarasvati

Risa Sarasvati is one of the new wave writers whose young and unique (in my opinion).  In fact Risa Sarasvati is also well-known as an unique mucisian. She wrote all her experiences and her feeling about what you think might be crazy or irrational. You may called her indigo child because she can see what the other people can’t and she tries to make you wondering about what she’s seen by her book titled “DANUR“. Danur is water that comes from the bodies of living things die and decompose. Risa is trying to share and inviting us to her world by this book. She is telling about her “friends” Peter, William, Hans, Hendrick, Janshen, Samantha, Jane, Ardiah, Edwin, Teddy, Sarah, Elizabeth, Kasih. You should read it and feel the unique athmosphere while reading it like i did…hahaha~~ You can find her at  her twitter @risa_saraswati.

"Danur" the book written by Risa Sarasvati

“Danur” the book written by Risa Sarasvati

Did i said that she is a mucisian also? So, then take a look at her video clip titled “Song about Peter” one of the character in her book Danur :


Enjoy it guys ! [aci/@RestySavira]

Our well-known and authenthic food from a long time ago

After i posted the “Kerupuk” one, it make me hungry. So, i want to share the nasi goreng recipe the food which is very well-known since the colonialism even there is a holland song inspired by it…

Okay, after hearing the song let’s try to cook it and taste how delicious it is…

500 g rice
200 grams of boiled beef, cut into long thin
100 g wet shrimp, peeled
2 tablespoons soy sauce
2 tablespoons cooking oil for sauteing
Javanese Fried Rice Seasoning recipe, puree:

4 red chilies, seeded
1 tsp shrimp paste
6 pieces of red onion
3 cloves garlic
1 tsp coriander
½ tsp sugar
1 teaspoon salt
Complementary Java Fried Rice:

2 chicken eggs, make it like omelette
2 pieces of cucumber, peeled, cut into pieces
Prawn crackers (kerupuk)
Fried onions

How to Make Fried Rice:

Stir-fry ground spices until fragrant. Give 3 tablespoons water and soy sauce and stir well.
Insert meat and shrimp, stir briefly. Add rice, stirring constantly until blended wellover low heat, remove from heat. Serve with a sprinkling of fried onions, scrambled eggs, sliced ​​cucumber, and shrimp crackers (kerupuk).

BON APPETIT ! ^___^ [aci]

Kerupuk as our one of the other complementary dishes

Left : kerupuk "Emping" made from melinjo. Right : kerupuk made from shrimp

Here in Indonesia, we have some snacks maybe you called it named Kerupuk. We usually eat it as a complementary with our main food or we can have a little dip the kerupuk with you sambal if you like spicy food. There are many kind of kerupuk here and also many kind of making it. As i know, kerupuk are made from a tapioca flour, several spices and fish or shrimp. Here, people like it sooo much. Especially here in Bandung where we live, you can find it almost in every traditional food restaurant. You should try it when you go here. In Indramayu a region between west java and central java are well-know for its shrimp kerupuk.

Kerupuk made from the dried cow skin

Many kind of raw kerupuk. You must fried it before you eat it... ^__^

Spicy tapioca kerupuk

Kerupuk made from tapioca flour

So guys, after you taste it make a comment for us okay? hahaha… [aci]

Kerupuk and one of our traditional fried rice (nasi goreng) yummy !!

Eating in Indonesian Manner

I remember my friend’s story.  She has a friend who has a foreign friend. The foreign friend of her friend came to Indonesia and very shocking when saw Indonesian using hand to eat. Not spoon, fork or knife or chopstick, only hand.

Yes, Indonesian people use their right hand to eat.  It’s their culture and tradition. They wash their hand before eating of course. The feeling of using hand when eating is good.  You should try it.  You can find Indonesian eating with hand in many restaurant here, specially restaurant with traditional food menu and several fast food restaurant.  How if Indonesian eat soup, do they use hand too? No, they use spoon.

Spoon, fork and chopstick are very popular among Indonesian. At their home, they can eat with hand, spoon, fork and chopstick according to what they eat. Knife is not too popular as spoon and fork in here at their home (except for cooking). But in a restaurant with steak menu, they will use knife and fork as western people do.

In meal time, the food are served in a big plate and stored in the middle of table. The plate can be more than one.  It can be vegetable soup, fried chicken, or fish or rice.  So everyone can take the food from that big plate to their own plate.

How if  you want that last fried chicken on that big plate? If you want  it,  you should  ask everybody there,  whether anyone want that fried chicken or not. If no one want to eat that last piece, you can take that last piece of yummy fried chicken. but if there is someone want that last piece, you should divide the food into 2 pieces, for example, or if you are too kind, you can give it to him/her. This is what we called politeness and the art of sharing.

When you are dining out with Indonesian in here, and the waiter do not serve the food at the same time,  Indonesian will wait until all the food out so that everyone can eat together. It’s also a form of politeness. Indonesian usually said “bon appetite”  before beginning to eat.

How if you are really starving to death, and your food (spaghetti) already  in front of you  for 15 minutes, but your Indonesian friend’s food has not out yet? can  you eat first? yes you can, but you have to ask everyone. For example : “may i eat first? i am very starving”. Usually the answer is “Yes”.

In Indonesia, burp while eating is not polite.

Don’t be surprised when you see your Indonesian friend taste food of her/his friend. it’s very common if the relationship between them is very close.

for example, you dine out with you Indonesian friend. Her name is Yulia. Yulia bring her best friends Tasya (female) and Rigil (male). In a restaurant you order fried rice, Yulia orders  spaghetti, Tasya orders “Lontong Kari”, and Rigill orders “Soto ayam”. Suddenly you hear Yulia want to taste “Lontong Kari” of Tasya. She put her spoon on Tasya food and taste the food. and Tasya taste Yulia’s food. The Rigil want to taste Tasya Food too, then he put his spoon on the bowl and taste it. After tasting Tasya’s food, Yulia also taste Ragil’s food.  It’s common among Indonesian doing that, with notes “very close relationship”.

I hope this information will help you when you come and stay in Indonesia 🙂


Happy New Year 2012

Hello guys, happy new year to you. We hope this year we will have prosperity and happiness. We spent our new years eve in Jatiluhur dam. We rent a bungalow with our extended family and saw fireworks. In big cities in Indonesia, in new years eve, there is a traffic jam in some spot and there is a loooooot of people on the road. Some hotels and restaurants usually full. in some public space or private space there are also party to welcome a new year.  To those who don’t like to spend their new years eve in the road, usually have their  own party such as barbeque with   their whole family or friends, some religious people spend at home to read holly book and pray for a better future and watching tv until turn of the year, some people who are tired and not really interested in new year’s eve prefer staying at home and sleep. Well, many kinds of people, obviously. haha.

In 12.00 am of a new year, fireworks will come everywhere. The best place to watch it, is in the highest place so that you can see all cities with fireworks from everywhere.

Oh, several days before this event, you will find people selling trumpet for new years eve on the road. And there is many kinds of trumpet with unique shape and sound. The price is various of course.

click this link to see many trumpet sellers : http://www.google.co.id/search?q=tukang+jualan+terompet+tahun+baru&hl=id&sa=X&imgrefurl=http://kotapalembang.blogspot.com/2008_12_01_archive.html&imgurl=http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_2Jm7x_QJfio/SVrxdBpWThI/AAAAAAAAgUA/d1VWr2Gsvbo/s400/PIC_0509.JPG&w=400&h=300&sig=117002959269761712160&ndsp=11&tbm=isch&tbs=simg:CAESEgmsy0_1BDAxQ1CGAsMY5RHDqsA&ei=VJ8DT8bHPMTsrAef5Yz8Dw&ved=0CAQQ0gU4IA&biw=1228&bih=567#hl=id&imgrefurl=http:%2F%2Fkotapalembang.blogspot.com%2F2008_12_01_archive.html&imgurl=http:%2F%2F3.bp.blogspot.com%2F_2Jm7x_QJfio%2FSVrxdBpWThI%2FAAAAAAAAgUA%2Fd1VWr2Gsvbo%2Fs400%2FPIC_0509.JPG&w=400&h=300&sig=117002959269761712160&tbm=isch&sa=1&q=terompet+tahun+baru&pbx=1&oq=+terompet+tahun+baru&aq=0&aqi=g5&aql=&gs_sm=c&gs_upl=111916l111916l0l114927l1l1l0l0l0l0l876l876l6-1l1l0&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.,cf.osb&fp=6fe8a5b2ca68989f&biw=1228&bih=567



Merry Christmas

Hello, Merry Christmas to you who celebrate it. Although Christian in Indonesia is not as many as Muslim in this country, but they still can celebrate Christmas. In Christmas day many public areas such as hotel and  shopping mall have a Christmas theme by decorate it with Christmas tree and some mall do have Santa. In TV, you will find many news, film, movies, felicitation or live event and concert about Christmas today. TV program here usually do this in any religious occasion. You can read my last post about this in here: https://100percentfromindonesia.wordpress.com/2011/08/01/tv-stations-program-in-religious-day/




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