Komodo, the biggest lizard in the world

Komodo (Varanus komodoensis) is the biggest reptile in the world lives in an island named Komodo Island, located near Flores region, East Nusa tenggara province. The people in the region called them ora. It could growth until 3m (9.8 ft) and weighing up to around 70 kilograms.  Their group behaviour in hunting is exceptional in the reptile world. The diet of big Komodo dragons mainly consists of deer, though they also eat considerable amounts of carrion. The scientist say that they have found the fossil of Komodo in Australia. In fact, that they already exist since 3,8 million years ago.

Mating begins between May and August, and the eggs are laid in September. About twenty eggs are deposited in abandoned nests or in a self-dug nesting hole. The eggs are incubated for seven to eight months, hatching in April, when insects are most plentiful. Young Komodo dragons  take about eight to nine years to mature, and are estimated to live for up to 30 years.

BEWARE for their saliva because it’s poisonous !

For you who would like to go there and see them with your own eyes, you should visit the pink beach too. There’re only 7 pink beach in the world ! Then you must go diving and the other beach activities ! It should be fun guys ! There are pleanty of place you should visit beside the komodo national park. ^_^ [aci]

This is the official site : http://komodonationalpark.org/

May i ask you one thing? Please vote for our komodo to become one of the new seven wonders by voting in this link http://www.new7wonders.com/vote-2?lang=en Thanks everyone ! ^__^

Have a nice day and God bless you !

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Royal Wedding of This Year

The youngest daughter of Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwana X, Gusti Raden Ajeng (GRAj) Nurastuti Wijareni (GKR Bendara) maried Achmad Ubaidillah who is not from a royal family.  Their wedding is royal wedding of this year in Indonesia.  I will tell you that… formerly, long…long ago….Indonesia consist of area which rules by several kingdoms.  After Indonesia become a republic, royal families still exist and blend with society. Some royal family usually concern in maintaining royal culture and culture, and some has own profesion…for example as a lecturer, entrepreneur, etc.

Ok…Back to their wedding… Their wedding was held for 4 days  from 16 – 19 October 2011 in Keraton Yogyakarta.  The Sultan gave royal tittle to Achmad Ubaidillah, it is Kanjeng Pangeran Harya (KPH) Yudanegara.  Oh, by the way GRAj Nurastuti Wijareni was a finalist of Miss Indonesia in 2009.

Many famous people came to the wedding reception, even our president and vice president. Journalist who came to cover the news might wear traditional wear of  Java. Society of Yogyakarta also happy with the wedding. Some people of Yogyakarta gave food to royal family too. And of course the princess and the prince ride a royal cart to meet the people outside Keraton (the palace). Because of this royal wedding, hotels in Yogyakarta were full-booked, many tourist from abroad or domestic came just to see this awesome wedding.

Here is some pictures that i take from this website: http://kratonwedding.tumblr.com  and  http://twitter.com/#!/KratonWedding/media/slideshow

Invitation Card of The Royal Wedding

B'doyo Manten dance (this dance only perform in the wedding of Sultan's family and the dancer should be a virgin)

Beksan Lawung Ageng dance ( this dance was created by Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwana I . The dance tell about combat training)

The prince and princess met Yogyakarta people

Beksan Lawung Ageng Dance

Bedhaya Sangaskara dance (somebody told me that if you can perform this dance very good, you are a truly dancer)

the prince and princess watching the dance

The Princess

The Prince and Princess in their wedding reception

The Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwana X and his wife.

The Prince and Princess in their rings exchange ceremony

Now you may kiss the bride 🙂

Fiuuuh, you can see more pictures on the link i gave you above. Oh you also can see the tv streaming of their wedding here  http://www.okezone.tv/tag/14125/ v-ubaidillah

and you can follow the twitter @kratonwedding. It’s  official twitter account of Kraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Royal Wedding GKR Bendara & KPH Yudanegara.

And hey,….i have interesting website for you if you want to know more about kingdom ( specially in Indonesia, and widely kingdom in the world). The website is in Indonesian and English. Check this out : http://www.kerajaannusantara.com/id/page/about


Indomie : A popular and Delicious Instant Noodle

Indomie is a product of Indonesia. It is an instant noodle with various taste and very delicious. The product is very popular  in several countries, and  very popular here as well.  I usually eat this instant noodle in breakfast, in a cold weather, and  when  i am lazy for cooking or there is no food left at home. Haha….but i don’t eat it everyday of course.

Since it’s very popular in several countries, there are many commercials tv about Indomie. Even, there is  Nigerian rapper who sing about indomie. In the song,  the rapper tell that he likes indomie so much.

Here is the video clip of J20, “Indomie”:

And there are also some commercials tv of Indomie around the world :

And here is one of the commercial tv from Indonesia:

you can find more videos on youtube .LOL. By the way, this is the official website of Indomie: http://www.indomie.com/


Where Indonesian Ancestors Came From?

I read a  history book of 7 grade a while ago, and i found the topic about Indonesian ancestor.  I think it’s interesting topic to share here.

Ok, where Indonesian ancestor came from?

They came from  Yunnan, South China. They brought neolithic culture. Their arrival in Indonesia was divided into two  waves. The first waves was Proto Melayu, which is divided in two race : Papua-melanesoid and Austronesia.  They came around 2000 B.C . Papua-Melanesoid,  which brought  “kapak lonjong”,  spreaded from Yunnan to Philippines, North Sulawesi, Moluccas and Papua , while Austronesia  brought “kapak persegi” and spreaded from Yunnan to Malaya, Sumatra, Java, Nusa Tenggara and another islands.

In Indonesia this two races assimilated  and become Papua-Melanesoid race, but  some were still maintaining the authenticity of their race.

The second wave is  Deutro Melayu which is Austronesia race. This race spreaded  from Yunnan to Thailand, West Malaysia and several places in Indonesia.  This wave came around 500 B.C. They brought  Metal culture from Dongson, North Vietnam.

After they all arrive in Indonesia, race of papua-melanesoid, austronesia and austro-melanesoid  assimilated  and produce many  tribes which spreaded all over places in Indonesia.

Indonesian ancestors are recorded as agricultural society, they love art, they good in maritime and sailing over the sea and very religious. [sel].

Trip to the province with a thousand of temple, Bali (unfinished)

I think many people have known Bali as one of the best tourism spot in the world, but i think some people don’t know that Bali is located in Indonesia. So, last time i went there and i’ll do some review for you :). For you who have been to Bali, you all guys must be know about Kuta. Yeah, for you who likes to do clubbing and hangout with your friends in a bar or cafe this is the right place for you guys. This area filled with bar, club, cafe and shopping area. But, before we do shopping, why not spend some of or time to grieve for the victims of Bali’s Legian Bomb at the Bali-Bomb Monument.

Tired? dont worry…you could relax for a while and enjoy the sunshine because at the end for the road you will find the famous kuta beach and there’re some people who offers you some massage.

The closest hotel to the kuta beach are mostly the five stars hotel like Hardrock Hotel Bali, Mercure Hotel, Inna Kuta Beach, etc. For you who like to do some activities with a big adrenalin, you must try slingshot there which is located near the Centro mall Kuta.

For you guys who like to have a wonderfull quiet and romantic  honeymoon spot  or you need some peacefull place to do yoga or refreshing your mind, i think i’ll suggest you Saranam eco-resort (http://www.saranamresortbali.com/). Located in the Bedugul mountain which is surounded by the beautiful ricefield.

About 30 minutes from that hotel you will find a beautiful temple which is located in the side of a lake, name Bedugul temple. If you’re lucky or come in the right time, you’ll see a traditional occassion of the people there.


the review is to be continued…. [aci]

Scenery of Indonesia at a Glance

I got this video from my friend. This video will show you the scenery of Indonesia at a glance. The maker is from Egypt, so the music sounds very Egypt for me ^^ [sel].

Indonesian Batik’s Day

Howdy all !

Today, we Indonesian are celebrating  Batik’s Day !

Do you all know batik? I’ll tell you a brief  about it.

Batik is a traditional art just like painting in a fabric. It’s so unique! In fact, each region in Indonesia has their own types of design, history and characteristics. In traditional way, the pattern/motive is made by candle which was melted before and the artisan use them for drawing in the fabric using a tool that we named canting. Beside making pattern in handmade, Batik also can be made by printing. But the price of  printed batik is cheaper than a handmade batik. Some people know how to distinguish  printed batik and handmade batik, and some people do not.

Here it is some pictures about batik. [aci]

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Indonesian Recipe : Soto Kudus

Ingredients :

Chicken, 500 grams
Water, 1 liter
Red onion, 5 grains, chopped
Garlic, 10 cloves, minced
Fried onions, 50 grams
Pecan, 5 grains, mashed
Ginger, 2 cm, crushed, burned
Bay leaf, 1 sheet
Galangal, a vertebra, crushed
Pepper powder, 1 / 2 teaspoon
Salt, depends of the taste
Cooking oil, depends of the taste


long bean sprouts
Chives, chopped
Celery leaves, minced
Fried onions, to taste
Boiled chicken eggs
soy sauce

How to cook :

Boil chicken with water, bay leaves and galangal until cooked and tender.
Remove the chicken is already tender, then drain and shredded-shredded and set aside.
Heat a little oil and saute onion, garlic, nutmeg and ginger until fragrant.
Enter stir spices into the chicken broth that has been separated.Add salt and pepper to taste, cook until boiling, remove from heat.
Serve with boiled egg, bean sprouts, fried onions, leeks, celery,lemon juice and soy sauce.

Makes 4 servings

Good luck! please share the photo to us if you make it ^__^ [aci]

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