Reog Ponorogo

In a small city of east java, there is a region named Ponorogo. Reog Ponorogo is a traditional dance from this place. Many stories were told for the origin of the dance. The most famous story is about the rebellion of Ki Ageng Kutu to his King named Kertabumi in the kingdom of Majapahit. The face of the tiger symbolize the king. Ki Ageng Kutu wanted to critic his king, it is shown by someone  who sat at the top of the tiger’s head. The peacock’s fur symbolized the influence from the people around the king who tried to manipulate him to do corruption. Well, whatever the story is…it’s our traditional and culture’s dance guys. ^__^  [aci]

you can see this dance here :

The place of Ponorogo


Back to the old Batavia’s times

As you know, in the past Indonesia was colonized by the Dutch people. Now, we’re still can see some of the historical building and some memories from that times in the area named Kota Tua, Jakarta. There, you can find several museums such as Mandiri museum, Wayang museum, Fatahillah museum, etc. Here, you can hang out at the plaza and feel the atmosphere. You could rent a bicycle per hour too and take some little tour there.

Do you want to have some unique picture with the sensation of the old times? There are a few space where you can rent some local photographer and their old properties. You could have your photo in an instant ! So lets feel the old sensation! ^____^ [aci]

PS : I think it’s better if we go by the public transportation because its simpler. You could take Busway to Jakarta Kota (^__^)

a little old Italian sensation in the BIG city

Have you heard Ragusa ice cream? The Ragusa ice cream originally came from Italy and we can find some of them here at Jakarta with a little sense of Jakarta too. Located in the heart of Jakarta, veteran 1 street No. 10, this ice cream is very famous since the colonial era. Historically, this ice cream was sold by the Italian brothers named Luigi and Vicenso since 1932. At that time, they sold their ice cream with traditional ways, they use cart and the ice cream was sold one full month a year in the night market of Gambir. The cafe is so unique, located in the heart of metropolitan city but they takes a good care and they keeping the originality of they building, the rattan chairs etc. You can find spaghetti ice cream, banana split, and the other kind of ice cream there. So, do you want to try ?

Banana Split, Tutti Fruity Ice cream, Nougat Ice cream...

Location of the Ice cream Ragusa…

then mangiamo ! ^___^ [aci].

Learning Indonesian Language in 7 Days

Hello, i am sorry for not often posting. i am quite busy with my project. By the way, i found a cool website for you, if you are interested in Indonesian language. This cool website offer you learn the language in 7 days.  You can go to this  site  to see more :  [cel].

Anggun C Sasmi

I remember this singer. I saw her in a rocker style. “Tua-tua Keladi” is a song that I remember the most. She was popular in Indonesia at that time.  Then, she disappeared for many years, and  I got shock when I saw her  come back in Indonesian music industry. I saw her sing  with English song “Snow on the Sahara” and….her performance and style are totally different. She more looks like a woman than before, and I like her style now. She lives in France now with her family. She is become an international singer, which is rare gained by Indonesian celebrity here.
And she is six years older than me…hahahahahaha…..(not important info isn’t it? :D)

ok, back to the topic, by the way, i got her official website : you can see her video clip Je Partirai in here too. It’s her newest. If you are a fan of her, you can go to this site : [cel].




Dangdut is Music of My Country

Dangdut. Have you ever heard this kind of music? This kind of music is very famous in Indonesia. Most of people in Indonesia like dangdut. Well not all people like it, specially teenager who think that dangdut is not cool for their age, but I am sure deep in their heart they will like this music in time. Because this music is already in Indonesian blood…hahaha…. well, it just my opinion. Don’t get offended. I was one of teenager who thought that dangdut was not cool for my age, and when i am grown up…i turn to like this music. LOL

For me, there are two kinds of Dangdut’s singer: the singer who dance with an erotic move and the singer who don’t do that. I like Dangdut singer who DO NOT dance with an erotic move, because i can focus to the voice and the song.

Dangdut has various style too, there are: dangdut pop, dangdut rock, dangdut jazz, etc.

Since dangdut is music of my country, we surely have the king of Dangdut.  He is  Rhoma Irama. Who was very famous in my mother’s young time. Here is his performance:

His son, Ridho Rhoma, also follow his father career in Dangdut music. Like his father, he is become  popular. He is handsome, good-looking, and  has nice voice. You can check it in here:

Do you like his soft voice?

And here the web to see more video music clip from various Dangdut singer, male and female, in Indonesia:

oh oh…i almost forget…several months ago, i watched tv news here, that in Japan there was dangdut club. A club for japanese or people who like dangdut. I forgot in which city the club is . But i remember the singer can sing popular dangdut song very fluently although she and her band don’t really understand the meaning 🙂

So, do you like Dangdut music?


Graphic Design in Indonesia

When I googling about graphic design in Indonesia, I found this interesting website. This is  a  collaborative site focused on the History of Graphic Design in Indonesia as an integral part of the international graphic design collective heritage. Some of you maybe want to know the development of it, you can go to this site and search the gallery by years ( it is in the right column). Don’t worry, this site is bilingual…well not all…but several of the article use English.  We also have  a lot of cool graphic design colleges here, and the students increase every year.

By the way, take a look at this  site I talked about :


One of Our Comedy Novelist

Adhitya Mulya is one of Indonesian novelist. His first debut was “Jomblo”, a romantic comedy novel I would say, which was very success and finally being filmed with the same title. I read his latest book, “Catatan Mahasiswa ganteng Gila!” which is  a non-fiction.  He recorded all his funny and silly experience in college in the book .  Yeah, this book made me laugh. This author is really crazy and funny. Hahaha 😀

Hmm…what the meaning of “Catatan Mahasiswa ganteng Gila”?   Hmm…maybe  “handsome crazy student records”? 😀

Anyway, Here is his book  cover:

Yup, it is his face on the cover!

Oh, he has a blog :

I am sorry it’s in Indonesian, but perhaps you can use google translate… LOL

Oh, and this is his twitter : @adhityamulya


The Most Expensive Coffee in The World

Are you a fan of coffee? Have you ever heard Luwak Coffee or Civet Coffee? Have you ever taste it?

Luwak Coffee or Civet Coffee  is a coffee which is taken from the poo of the Civet. People say that the taste is different and delicious. In time, more people in the world know about this coffee and it’s known as the most expensive coffee in the world which  cost USD 100 per 450 gr.

Who will know that the coffee of the poor people becomes the most delightful coffee in the world? In the 18th centuries when Indonesia was colonized by Dutch,  The Dutch built some plantation for their colonies especially in Java island and Sumatra island. One of them was the coffee beans  from Yaman. In the era of Cultuurstelsel (1830-1870) the Dutch prohibited the plantation workers to consumed the coffee.  One day, the workers  saw a civet whose consumed coffee fruits and their poo was a coffee beans. The workers made it a coffee and it’s so delicious. The news was spreading across the world and then this coffee become something rare and that is  why this coffee is so expensive.[aci].

Civet Coffee

More info please check here

One of The Biggest Budhist Temple in The World

Budha's Stupa

This temple called Borobudur Temple which located in a village named Magelang, Central java. This Borobudur Temple was built in Syailendra dynasty  by Samaratungga, King of the Ancient Maratam Kingdom. This second of the largest temple after the Angkor Wat Temple in Kamboja was built by the stones without any cement to glue all the constructions things. The size is 123 x 123 meter. This Budhist Temple has 1460 reliefs and 504 Budha’s Statues in this area. There are 10 levels in this temple. Each level represent the step of the lives of the human. The ground level named Kamadhatu, Rupadhatu, Arupadhatu, and the highest level named Arupa which is symbolizing the nirvana where’s Budha rest. [aci].

I remember when i did an interview with the best history lecturer in Indonesia for my project, i asked about this Borobudur temple. He said, based on his research, probably  long ago  Borobudur temple painted in white and floated in an artificial lake, so it looks like white lotus floating in the water. They made the temple first, then dam up the  Progo and Elok river. Isn’t it amazing? [cel].

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