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fnpf NGO

A friend of mine inspired me to write this post. At the moment, she works at this NGO. And after i know it, i would share it to you guys about this organisation if any of you don’t know yet about this. Personally i found it very interesting. I would do it myself if i have a chance. But sadly, again i have such a hectic life right now. Okay, now let’s straight to the point.

She works in FNPF (Friends of the National Parks Foundation). It’s a local Indonesian NGO that was founded in 1997 by a group of veterinarians, and conservation / community minded Indonesians.

This organisation create and run community-based conservation that respects the interdependence of wildlife, habitat and local community. It have saved the Bali’s emblem bird and one of the world’s rarest birds, the Bali Starling, from becoming extinct in the wild, relocated dozens of Orangutans to safety from the palm oil plantations to Tanjung Puting National Park and Lamandau River Wildlife Reserve, and have improved the well-being of hundreds of local community members.

You could imagine how this NGO try to save the world, especially Indonesia. This NGO have a volunteer program for you guys who might be have some interest to save the world or who love animal or maybe who need an unique way to spend you time to some extraordinary experience.

So, for more info about this NGO and their program, or may be you want to become a volunteer and be a hero, you may open this link [aci]


Trip to the province with a thousand of temple, Bali part 2

So, many people have come to Bali. Yes, it has such a unique athmosphere and culture sensation. If you came to a region you must taste the food right? because the food is a part of the culture. Here it is the food that you must taste if you come to Bali :

1. Sate Lilit Bali

2. Betutu Chicken or Duck Bali (beware you must like spicy food to try it)

3. Lawar (it’s just llike a salad)

Actually i’m on my way searching for more info about it. I promise i’ll share it soon… ^_^

Now, it’s shopping time !! Beside, the kuta district, the ubud village boutique, we can do shopping for a bargain price in Fatmawati Market. (I’ll suggest you to make a bargain at least 40% from the original price. In fact it work for me as Indonesian, i don’t know if it really work for foreign tourist, but it worth to try).

sukowati market

You are not allowed to leave Bali before you see the dance performance. Kecak dance, barong dance, pendet dance, topeng dance, etc. I suggest you to watch the kecak dance at Bedugul temple or GWK (Garuda Wisnu Kencana) the masterpiece of our craftman. It’s unfinished sculpture of the God named Wisnu from the beliefs of Hindunism. It’s unfinished but still it’s beautiful ! Here it is…Check it out…

Wisnu God

I found a really interesting place there, it is Tirta empul temple. People believe that it’s a place to make ourself back to the holyness. You should go there too…

Actually theres more interesting place there, but unfortunatelly i cant tell it all…Have a good vacation guys ! [aci]

Trip to the province with a thousand of temple, Bali (unfinished)

I think many people have known Bali as one of the best tourism spot in the world, but i think some people don’t know that Bali is located in Indonesia. So, last time i went there and i’ll do some review for you :). For you who have been to Bali, you all guys must be know about Kuta. Yeah, for you who likes to do clubbing and hangout with your friends in a bar or cafe this is the right place for you guys. This area filled with bar, club, cafe and shopping area. But, before we do shopping, why not spend some of or time to grieve for the victims of Bali’s Legian Bomb at the Bali-Bomb Monument.

Tired? dont worry…you could relax for a while and enjoy the sunshine because at the end for the road you will find the famous kuta beach and there’re some people who offers you some massage.

The closest hotel to the kuta beach are mostly the five stars hotel like Hardrock Hotel Bali, Mercure Hotel, Inna Kuta Beach, etc. For you who like to do some activities with a big adrenalin, you must try slingshot there which is located near the Centro mall Kuta.

For you guys who like to have a wonderfull quiet and romantic  honeymoon spot  or you need some peacefull place to do yoga or refreshing your mind, i think i’ll suggest you Saranam eco-resort ( Located in the Bedugul mountain which is surounded by the beautiful ricefield.

About 30 minutes from that hotel you will find a beautiful temple which is located in the side of a lake, name Bedugul temple. If you’re lucky or come in the right time, you’ll see a traditional occassion of the people there.


the review is to be continued…. [aci]

Exoctic Dance from Exotic Province, Bali…

This dance is the identity of one of the most beautiful island in the world, Bali. It was created in 1930. The main performers are male. The male dancers sit in a rows in a circle with a rhythm called “cak” while they raising their both arms. It’s symbolize the story about Ramayana as line of apes when he have to fight Ravana. Actually, this dance is a story about the Ramayana and Shinta.

However, the Kecak dance itself is a part of sanghyang ritual. In fact people said that the dancers will be in unconscious condition so they could communicate with God or the spirit of their ancestors and then convey their expectations to the people. The uniqueness of this dance is there aren’t any music to accompany the dancers. There only some little bells which are worn on the dancers feet. It would create a unique harmony.

There’s a plenty of way to enjoy the show of Kecak Dance, but, the best way to see it is in an outdoor way with the view of the beautiful sunset such as you can see in a region named Uluwatu. There, we can see the show in the temple of Uluwatu. The beauty and the atmosphere is so unbelievable. This temple was built at the top of the cliff with the height about 30 meter. We shall see the Indian ocean at the back of the temple. What a sensation !! ^__^ [aci]

You can see the video here : (Part 1) (Part 2)

Eat Pray Love – Times Best Seller Novel

This film is starring by the most beautiful smile Julia Robert. One of the best parts was taken in one of the most beautiful island here, Bali. Who doesn’t know Bali? The beauty place with the sand, beach and its culture.

This film is telling about a journalist named Gilbert (Julia Robert) who’s entering the age of 30 years, and has received all required by a modern American woman, who has companion of living, luxury homes, and a brilliant career.

However, it did not make her happy. Gilbert ambitious became panic, sadness, and facing uncertain lives. Gilbert felt the pain of divorce, depression, failure in love, and loss of grip in her life.

To recover her, Gilbert was taking a pretty extreme step. She left the job and the people who loved to do adventure travel the world alone.

For woman to look attractive, solo travel is obviously exciting adventure. Eat, pray, and love is a record of events in the months finding out who she was.

In her adventures, Gilbert set a goal to three different places. In every country, she studied aspects of life with their respective cultural background.

Italy became the first destination. In this lovely and distant country, Gilbert learned the art of enjoying life and Italian. Do not forget, she also spited her appetite by eating a variety of Italian cuisine delicious. Naturally, her body weight increased 12 pounds.

From Italy, Gilbert leaved for India. In this country she learned the art of devotion or surrender in a Hindu ashram or hermitage. She spent four months to explore her spiritual side.

Finally, Bali became her final destination. On this island this mature woman found her life goal, namely a balanced life between earthly joy and inner peace.

She became a disciple of an old medicine man named Ketut Liyer who was also a painter and fortune-telling through the reading hand lines. Gilbert was also friend with Nyoman, a traditional herbalist Bali.

And most importantly, in Bali, Gilbert who will never again be romantically linked with any man, finally found her true love back on  Felipe, the Brazilian middle-aged man who was much older than her.

Want to watch the trailer ? Check it out.[aci]

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