Back to the old Batavia’s times

As you know, in the past Indonesia was colonized by the Dutch people. Now, we’re still can see some of the historical building and some memories from that times in the area named Kota Tua, Jakarta. There, you can find several museums such as Mandiri museum, Wayang museum, Fatahillah museum, etc. Here, you can hang out at the plaza and feel the atmosphere. You could rent a bicycle per hour too and take some little tour there.

Do you want to have some unique picture with the sensation of the old times? There are a few space where you can rent some local photographer and their old properties. You could have your photo in an instant ! So lets feel the old sensation! ^____^ [aci]

PS : I think it’s better if we go by the public transportation because its simpler. You could take Busway to Jakarta Kota (^__^)


Jejer Gandrung Dance

Jejer Gandrung dance is one in a million traditional dances in Indonesia. This dance is originally from  Banyuwangi, East Java. The name Jejer Gandrung came from the local language. “Jejer” means a show and “Gandrung” means happiness. This dance is performed to greet people or tourists whose come to Banyuwangi.

You can see this beautiful dance here :

If you want to know where is Banyuwangi in Indonesia, you can see the picture below. You will see that Banyuwangi is very close with Bali.[aci]

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