Piring Dance from Minangkabau

This dance used to be the dance to praise the God for thanking the harvest times at the region named Minangkabau in the West Sumatra since about 800 years ago. It was very famous since the era of Sriwijaya kingdom. But, when Sriwijaya kingdom was beaten by the Majapahit, this dance spreaded to Malaysia. But as time goes by, the religion is came, today it’s only a ceremonial dance such as in marriage, etc. This dance is accompanied by the song that is played with Talempong and Saluang, that where the movement is done quickly while holding the plate in the palm of their hand. [aci]

You could see the dance here :


and here, if you want to see the dance when it perform in marriage event. You will see the west Sumatra traditional clothes and bride and bridegroom dress.


Exoctic Dance from Exotic Province, Bali…

This dance is the identity of one of the most beautiful island in the world, Bali. It was created in 1930. The main performers are male. The male dancers sit in a rows in a circle with a rhythm called “cak” while they raising their both arms. It’s symbolize the story about Ramayana as line of apes when he have to fight Ravana. Actually, this dance is a story about the Ramayana and Shinta.

However, the Kecak dance itself is a part of sanghyang ritual. In fact people said that the dancers will be in unconscious condition so they could communicate with God or the spirit of their ancestors and then convey their expectations to the people. The uniqueness of this dance is there aren’t any music to accompany the dancers. There only some little bells which are worn on the dancers feet. It would create a unique harmony.

There’s a plenty of way to enjoy the show of Kecak Dance, but, the best way to see it is in an outdoor way with the view of the beautiful sunset such as you can see in a region named Uluwatu. There, we can see the show in the temple of Uluwatu. The beauty and the atmosphere is so unbelievable. This temple was built at the top of the cliff with the height about 30 meter. We shall see the Indian ocean at the back of the temple. What a sensation !! ^__^ [aci]

You can see the video here :
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqke2IrdZxQ (Part 1)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CX1rghsOqu0 (Part 2)

Reog Ponorogo

In a small city of east java, there is a region named Ponorogo. Reog Ponorogo is a traditional dance from this place. Many stories were told for the origin of the dance. The most famous story is about the rebellion of Ki Ageng Kutu to his King named Kertabumi in the kingdom of Majapahit. The face of the tiger symbolize the king. Ki Ageng Kutu wanted to critic his king, it is shown by someone  who sat at the top of the tiger’s head. The peacock’s fur symbolized the influence from the people around the king who tried to manipulate him to do corruption. Well, whatever the story is…it’s our traditional and culture’s dance guys. ^__^  [aci]

you can see this dance here :

The place of Ponorogo

Jejer Gandrung Dance

Jejer Gandrung dance is one in a million traditional dances in Indonesia. This dance is originally from  Banyuwangi, East Java. The name Jejer Gandrung came from the local language. “Jejer” means a show and “Gandrung” means happiness. This dance is performed to greet people or tourists whose come to Banyuwangi.

You can see this beautiful dance here :

If you want to know where is Banyuwangi in Indonesia, you can see the picture below. You will see that Banyuwangi is very close with Bali.[aci]

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