Gayung for Bathing

Hello there, i am gonna tell you about Gayung. What is Gayung? Well, i don’t know the meaning of Gayung in English. So i am gonna tell you the function of Gayung. It’s mostly used for bathing in Indonesia. Do you want to know how its look ? Here it is :



Hmm…looks familiar?

Most of family in Indonesia has Gayung in their bathroom. They take water with this tool and pour it to their body. Can you imagine it?

Some place like expensive apartment or hotel or maybe a house with western concept  use only  shower on the bathroom. But there is also a house that have both  shower and  gayung  in their bathroom or just Gayung. In a bathroom which use Gayung, usually has “bak mandi”  a place to hold water. Something like this:

Bak Mandi


Or, if they don’t have “bak mandi”, they will use bucket.

Maybe you can watch this commercial tv. This is about village people in Indonesia who dance with Gayung.

This commercial tv is happening here now.

And this is traditional gayung.. I called this “gayung jawa” or “siwur” :

Gayung jawa or siwur


So, if you are visiting Indonesia and found Gayung in one of  the people’s bathroom, you know what to do with it 🙂   [Sel]



Indonesian Traditional Games

On this era, for some kids traditional games do not look attractive anymore,  they prefer playing the Internet, video games, Play Station etc. Whereas this traditional games can form the character of the child to be creative, innovative,socially minded, cultured,  and faithful. So sad that this traditional games slowly become extinct.

Komunitas Hong (Hong’s Community) is a group of people who concern with this matters. Mr. Zaini is the founder of this community.This community has 150 member with all stage of age, start from age 6 until 90 years old. Children group is an actors on the game, and adult group function is as sources and toys maker. This community tried to reconstruct and research  the traditional toys from oral and literary tradition such as ancient script.  For more information you can visit this site:

Indonesian traditional games , such as:


“GASING” we can found it in almost all region of Indonesia. Gasing commonly played by boys with age 7 – 17 years old, and it could be played in group. Gasing was made from woods, formed with a taper section in the bottom. This is a competitive games, testing  skill on rotating the Gasing.

Congklak Board and The Seeds

Girls play Congklak

CONGKLAK” played by 2 people. Congklak need Congklak Board (Papan Congklak) and 98 seed/clam shell/little stone or marble. The game started with one people take any  seed from any hole and put it on the next right hole and so on. If the seed is run out in the rival small hole, we can take all the seed on the hole.  And if the seed run out in our side of the board, we can take all the seed in opposite hole. The game can be considered over if there’s nothing left to be taken (all seeds are in the 2 big hole). And the winner is a person that get the most seeds.

Balap Karung game

 “BALAP KARUNG” is one of the popular games in Indonesia. Players must be put their feet on the sack, and jump to race on until finished line.

Galah Asin Game

“GALAH ASIN” consist of 2 groups, and each time have 3 – 5 players. The point of the game is facing the opponents so the opponent can not pass through the last line back and forth, and to win the game, the entire group should complete the process back and forth within a predetermined area of ​​the field

Egrang Game

EGRANG” this game can be categorized as child games. Commonly the game played with boys, age 7-13 years old. And the players are 2-6 people. [riri]

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Here in Indonesia, we’re now having the South East Asia Games 2011. This tournament was held since 11th to 22th of November 2011. There are two host cities Jakarta and Palembang. List of Sport to be competed in Indonesia 26th South East Asian Games November 11th – November 22th, 2011.

No. Sports
1. Aquatics
2. Archery
3. Athletics
4. Badminton
5. Baseball
6. Basketball
7. Billiards & Snooker
8. Bowling
9. Boxing
10. Bridge
11. Canoeing
12. Chess
13. Cycling
14. Equestrian
15. Fencing
16. Fin Swimming
17. Football
18. Futsal
19. Golf
20. Gymnastic
21. Judo
22. Karate
23. Paragliding
24. Pencak Silat
25. Petanque
26. Roller Sports
27. Rowing
28. Sailing
29. Sepaktakraw
30. Shorinji Kempo
31. Shooting
32. Softball
33. Soft Tennis
34. Table Tennis
35. Taekwondo
36. Tennis
37. Traditional Boat Race
38. Volleyball
39. Vovinam
40. Wall Climbing
41. Water Ski
42. Weightlifting
43. Wrestling
44. Wushu

List of Sport and Venues in Two Host Cities of Indonesia 26th South East Asian Games November 11th – November 22th, 2011.

DKI Jakarta

1.   Archery                                                       Lapangan Panahan, GBK, Senayan
2.   Aquatics            Open Water Swimming    Pulau Putri
3.   Badminton                                                  Istora Stadium
4.   Basketball                                                  GOR Basket Sport Mall Kelapa Gading
5.   Bowling                                                      Bowling Jaya Ancol
6.   Canoeing                                                   Cipule, Jawa Barat
7.   Cycling              Track                                Velodrome, Rawamangun
Cycling              BMX                                 Ancol
Cycling              Road Race                       Subang Road
Cycling              MTB                                 Sentul, Gunung Pancar
8.   Equestrian                                                  Arthayasa, Depok
9.   Fencing                                                      Balairung UI, Depok
10. Football                                                      Stadion Utama Senayan
11. Futsal                                                         POPKI Sport Hall Cibubur
12. Golf                                                            Jagorawi Golf Country Club Cimanggis, Bogor
13. Judo                                                           Gedung Judo, Kelapa Gading
14. Karate                                                        Tennis Indoor Senayan
15. Paragliding                                                 Gunung Mas, Puncak
16. Pencak Silat                                               Padepokan Pencak  Silat, TMII
17. Rowing                                                       Cipule, Jawa Barat
18. Sailing                                                         Pantai Marina Ancol
19. Shorinji Kempo                                           Ciracas Sport Hall
20. Table Tennis                                               Hall A GMSB,  Kuningan
21. Taekwondo                                                 POPKI Sport Hall Cibubur
22. Traditional Boat Race                                Cipule, Jawa Barat
23. Vovinam                                                     Gelanggang Remaja Kec. Tanjung Priok, Kel. Sunter Agung
24. Wushu                                                       Tennis – Indoor Senayan


Sumatera Selatan

1.   Athletics                                                     Jakabaring Complex
2.   Aquatics             Diving                              Jakabaring Complex
Aquatics             Swimming                       Jakabaring Complex
Aquatics             Synchronize                    Jakabaring Complex
Aquatics             Water Polo                      Kolam Lumban Tirta
3.   Baseball                                                     Jakabaring Complex
4.   Billiards & Snooker                                    Arena Billiard Jakabaring
5.   Boxing                                                       Gedung Basket Indoor Kampus
6.   Bridge                                                        Hotel Swarna Dwipa
7.   Chess                                                        Hotel Jayakarta
8.   Fin Swimming                                            Jakabaring Complex
9.   Football                                                      Jakabaring Complex
10. Gymnastics                                                Jakabaring Complex
Artistik dan Ritmik                                      Ranau Gymnastic Hall
Aerobik                                                       Dempo Hall
11. Petanque                                                    Jakabaring Complex
12. Roller Sport                                                Jakabaring Complex
13. Sepak Takraw                                            SPC Jakabaring
14. Shooting                                                     Jakabaring Complex
15. Softball                                                       Jakabaring Complex
16. Soft Tennis                                                 Jakabaring Complex
17. Tennis                                                         Jakabaring Complex
18. Volley Indoor                                              Sport Hall Sriwijaya (GOR Kampus)
Volley Beach                                              Jakabaring Complex
19. Wall Climbing                                             Jakabaring Complex
20. Water Ski                                                    Jakabaring Complex
21. Weightlifting                                               GOR Dempo Jakabaring
22. Wrestling                                                    Gedung Serba Guna Jakabaring

As the main host, Palembang will concentrate the game in Jaka Baring Sports Complex which covers an area of 45 thousand square meters and also at the sports center Gelora Sriwijaya Palembang. In Jakarta, competition venues will be centered in Bung Karno Main Stadium (SUGBK). This stadium is the largest and oldest stadium in Indonesia which is very historic for the people of Indonesia which is located in the capital of Jakarta and has seating capacity of about 88 thousand spectators. For the SEA Games to be memorable especially for Indonesia and all participating countries, one of the impressions building efforts is done by specifying a logo that depicts Eagle with the philosophy of “Garuda Flight above Indonesia Nature?. As a symbol of the country, Garuda in the global sphere is well known and directly associated with Indonesia. SEA Games Organizing Committee (INASOC) ensures that they will make the 26th SEA Games memorable also by choosing November 11, 2011 or 11/11/11 to hold the opening ceremony. The opening and closing ceremonies will be spectacularly managed along the banks of the Musi River and historic building, Kuto Besak Fort. The country whose compete are :

1. Indonesia

2. Brunei Darussalam

3. Cambodia

4. Thailand

5. Laos

6. Myanmar

7. Singapore

8. Philippines

9. Vietnam

10. Malaysia

11. Timor Leste

Here is the mascot, inspired by the famous komodo’s dragon.

Source and more information please visit : [aci]

Indonesian Movie – Pasir Berbisik (Whispering Sands)

This movie was released in 2001 and directed by Nan Achnas. It’s tell us about a young girl named Daya ( Dian Sastrowardoyo ) who lives in a poor village with her mother, Berlian ( Christine Hakim ) who sell jamu (indonesian traditional drink made by herbs). Daya’s father, Agus ( Slamet Raharjo Djarot ) was a puppeteer who left them while Daya was just a kid. Their village is very far from the modern world. Berlian is a very protective mom. So, Daya is always wanted so bad seeing her father back. Daya is always believing that the sand is whispering something to her. Daya want to go with her father.

One day, in their village, there was an unusual terror, which caused many people died and the house burns down, it makes a lot of people move. One day, a group of people out of nowhere to attack the village. Daya and Berlian quickly bring supplies and enough clothes to run away from home. They walked aimlessly, Berlian recalled the words of her sister who is now a dancer ronggeng circumference, that the safest place is near the village of White Sand.

Berlian dan Daya could eventually settled in White Sand by occupying a vacant hut. When Berlian selling jamu, a man named Suwito (Didi Petet) who works as a handyman for sale, get acquainted with Berlian and secretly enamored with Daya. Daya’s friends, a girl her age named Sukma (Dessy Fitri) said that she knows when new people come by the sands. Sukma and Daya studied with Sukma’s grandfather (Mang Udel). One day, Daya walk on her own and meet a group of dancers ronggeng and met Ms. Lik. Ms. Lik provide a clothes ronggeng Resources, and since then Daya to love to dance. After, Daya loves dancing very much. When her mother knows it, Berlian secretly burned the ronggeng clothes, make-added Daya to her disgust. Ms. Lik finally went, with her entourage, she warned that if she behaves Berlian aloud to her daughter, her daughter will go. One night, Agus home and returned home at White Sands.

This reunion was greeted not by a Berlian, which stated that she was no longer needed Agus. Agus and Daya quickly became a family again for a fun Agus profile. In front of Daya and Sukma, Agus practice the way of attracting people’s attention when organizing the show. Upon their return, Daya and Sukma playing in a field when Sukma suddenly collapsed and died because of a fall and his head collided with a sharp stone. Daya would have been very lost friend. Then, Agus for several days to bring Daya to Suwito. Apparently, Daya harassed by Suwito after Suwito give Agus expensive pack of cigarettes. Daya becomes traumatized and sick.

Berlian caring for Daya. She drink poison to Agus, who is wanted to fall asleep, he also died. Then, finally Daya re-awakened. She and Berlian live for several days before their house was burned by the common terror. The film ends with a Berlian, which send Daya to go with Sukma’s grandfather, let her alone.

The set of the film was located in Bromo Mountain, East Java. It has a beautiful set and story. This movie got several awards, such as :

  • Best Cinematography Award, Best Sound Award dan Jury’s Special Award For Most Promising Director for Festival Filem Asia Pacific 2001
  • Festival Film Asiatique Deauville 2002 – Dian Sastrowardoyo won the best female actress
  • Festival Film Antarabangsa Singapura ke-15- Dian Sastrowardoyo won the best female actress
  • Festival Film Indonesia 2004 meraih nominasi di 8 kategori : The best film, The Best Actress (Dian Sastrowardoyo dan Christine Hakim), The best supporting actor (Didi Petet dan Slamet Rahardjo),The best supporting actress (Dessy Fitri), The best cinematography (Yadi Sugandi),The best artistic (Frans X.R. Paat), The best music (Thoersi Agreswara), dan The best sound (Adimolana Machmud dan Hartanto).
Please tell us if you have watch it ! Okay? (^____^)b [aci]

The Perfect House : What Happen on That Big House?

Maybe you’ve never seen Indonesian movie before. Today, i will introduce you “The Perfect House”, which is a psychological thriller movie. This movie was directed by Affandi Abdul Rachman. Starring : Cathy Sharon, Bella Esperance, Endy Arfian, Mike Lucock, Wanda Nizar, Joy Revfa.


Julie is a private tutor for children with special needs. After teaching Angie, a mild autistic pupil, Julie wanted a short break to clear her mind from her parents accident. However, Mrs Rita asked Julie to teach her grandson, Januar. When Julie learned that Januar’s parents also killed in an accident, she felt empathy and agree to become Januar’s teacher for a month.  However, something mysterious and dark secret that was hidden in the house and  made Julie’s life was threatened forever.

The trailer:


Candil, a Funny Indonesian Rocker

Dian Dipa Chandra or well-known as  Candil is one of Indonesian rocker who has many fans. For me he is a funny rocker. He was in Seurieus band as a vocalist. Seurieus became popular with song “Rocker Juga Manusia”. You can see his performance here :

Too bad he was out from the band after 14 years with the band. But he still sing and make collaboration with another musician such as Saykoji and Peterpan. Like in this video:

Beside as a singer, he also starring some movies, in “The Tarix Jabrix”, “Asoy Geboy”,”Kawin Laris”, and so on.

Alice Cooper is the one who make him interested in rock music. [Sel].


Indonesian Pop Music

In recent years Indonesian pop music become very popular in its own country. It’s a good news. Today, i am gonna share 5 video musics of Indonesian pop. You may say I-pop.  hihihihi…

Here we go!

1. Citra Skolastika – Everybody Knew

2. Cherrybelle – Dilema

3. Afghan – Dia Dia Dia

4. Yovie & Nuno – Manusia Biasa

5. Geisha – Remuk Jantungku

See you on another I-Pop Video Clip ^^ [sel]

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