Gayung for Bathing

Hello there, i am gonna tell you about Gayung. What is Gayung? Well, i don’t know the meaning of Gayung in English. So i am gonna tell you the function of Gayung. It’s mostly used for bathing in Indonesia. Do you want to know how its look ? Here it is :



Hmm…looks familiar?

Most of family in Indonesia has Gayung in their bathroom. They take water with this tool and pour it to their body. Can you imagine it?

Some place like expensive apartment or hotel or maybe a house with western concept  use only  shower on the bathroom. But there is also a house that have both  shower and  gayung  in their bathroom or just Gayung. In a bathroom which use Gayung, usually has “bak mandi”  a place to hold water. Something like this:

Bak Mandi


Or, if they don’t have “bak mandi”, they will use bucket.

Maybe you can watch this commercial tv. This is about village people in Indonesia who dance with Gayung.

This commercial tv is happening here now.

And this is traditional gayung.. I called this “gayung jawa” or “siwur” :

Gayung jawa or siwur


So, if you are visiting Indonesia and found Gayung in one of  the people’s bathroom, you know what to do with it 🙂   [Sel]



3 thoughts on “Gayung for Bathing

  1. I like your story of the gayung. It is funny and also familiar for me but for those who are not familiar with it you have made it very clear to them. Sedap!!

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