Indonesia is Republic

Although it is said that Indonesia has  a larger Muslim population than any other country in the world, it doesn’t mean that Indonesia is an Islamic country. Indonesia is a Republic. Its long name is Republic of Indonesia, while its short name is Indonesia.  Indonesia is also a democracy. Islam is a dominant religion in this country, then follow by Protestant, Roman Catholic, Hindu, Buddha and Confucian, and other religions and beliefs.[cel].


The King Of Diversity

Maybe the motto of the musketeers Athos, Porthos and Aramis is really describing the situation here in Indonesia. More than a thousand of ethnic groups lives here. From the west to east. It’s spreading everywhere. Each group has their own cultures, identity, daily live, beliefs, and language. For example Batak’s ethnic who live  in the island of Sumatra has their own cultures, identity, daily live, beliefs and local language as same as Javanese and Tengger’s people in the island of Java, Dayak’s man in the island named Kalimantan or very well-known with Borneo, Torajan’s people in the island of Sulawesi, while Dani’s and Asmat’s people lives in Papua island. It just few example from diversity in Indonesia.[aci]


Explain the diversity and the beauty in Indonesia

You can see some of the traditional events here :

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