How Buddha and Hindu come to Indonesia?

In Indonesia there are so many believes and religions:  Christian, Catholic, Islam, Hindu, Buddha, etc. Hindu was came together to Indonesia with the Buddhism. Both were the first religion came here  by the trading relation between Indonesia and several country like India, China (Tiongkok) and Central East. At the 5th century, the Hindu and Buddha kingdom was started with the Kingdom of Kutai, Tarumanagara and continued by the Sriwijaya, Kalingga, Mataram Hindu,  and Majapahit Kingdom at the 16th century. [aci].

"Prambanan" Hindu's temple

"Borobudur". Buddha's temple.


Back to the old Batavia’s times

As you know, in the past Indonesia was colonized by the Dutch people. Now, we’re still can see some of the historical building and some memories from that times in the area named Kota Tua, Jakarta. There, you can find several museums such as Mandiri museum, Wayang museum, Fatahillah museum, etc. Here, you can hang out at the plaza and feel the atmosphere. You could rent a bicycle per hour too and take some little tour there.

Do you want to have some unique picture with the sensation of the old times? There are a few space where you can rent some local photographer and their old properties. You could have your photo in an instant ! So lets feel the old sensation! ^____^ [aci]

PS : I think it’s better if we go by the public transportation because its simpler. You could take Busway to Jakarta Kota (^__^)

Our Independence Day

Indonesia was very famous with the spices. The spices made Portuguese and Dutch wanted to colonize us long ago. The Dutch successfully made Portuguese retreat, and then conquered the spices and herbs in Indonesia. The longest colonization is by Dutch. It’s about 3, 5 centuries. So, no wonder if some aspects still influence Indonesia now, especially in our Law and language.

In 1942, came Japanese. Japan bombed Tarakan, as the largest Dutch oil refinery in Indonesia. After that, they continued attacking some area in Indonesia and finally forced Dutch  to give all their power in Indonesia to Japan.

Until the tragedy of the bombed city in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan surrendered to the alliance. In 16 August 1945 the young men pushed Koesno Sosrodihardjo , well-known as Sukarno, and Mohammad Hatta to announced the independency of Indonesia. They did it in 17 August 1945, after a long and hard discussion. Because formerly, old men wanted to wait Japan government gave the independence to Indonesia (as they promised Indonesian to give independence before), while young men wanted them to proclaimed it as soon as possible. Now, every year in August 17, Indonesian celebrates their independence day.[aci,cel]

This is Soekarno. Our First President.

This is Mohammad Hatta. Our First Vice President.

Sukarno (front) and Mohammad Hatta (left) proclaimed independence of Indonesia. At that time, Sukarno got fever, but he ignored it for the sake of his country independence.

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