One of the most delicious food in the world comes from Indonesia – Rendang

Have you all heard about rendang? I heard from the news that this is one of the most delicious food in the world. Have you all taste it? Not yet? why dont you make it yourself. I hope you guys have the ingredients there because we need a lot of spices and herbs to make it. ^__^ So, let’s do it then…

Before we cook, here is some tips to make Rendang :
– Rendang Meat is much better served if the meat is tender. To be easy meat soft, try to boil the meat first and then crushed it.

– You need to be patient because we need a lot of time to make it. I prefer to make it in a big portion since once you make it, the expired date of rendang is quite long. About 3 months without any ‘preservative’ things. But, if you find it already in different taste before 3 months, just throw it away (^-^)v (#peace)

Meat Rendang Recipe Ingredients:

– 500 gr of beef, cut into pieces about 3 cm long
– 1000 ml thick coconut milk
– Coconut milk 1000 ml liquid (coconut milk 3 eggs and liquid from coconuts)
– Serai 2 sticks, crushed
– Kaffir lime leaves 5 ​​pieces
– 1 sheet of turmeric leaves, torn
– Acid kandis 2 pieces

Seasoning Recipes:

– Red chilli 250 grams
– 4 cloves garlic
– 10 grains of red onion
– Ginger 1 cm
– 2 cm turmeric
– Galangal 4 cm
– Salt to taste

How to Make Rendang Meat:

->> Boil the liquid coconut milk, lemongrass, lime leaves, turmeric leaf, tamarind, spicescooked until it boiled.

->> Insert meat that had been cut into pieces, and cook again until thick coconut milk.

->> Enter the thick coconut milk then cook it with a low heat. Cook until almost dry. Stir until browned and greasy rendang.VOILA !

The result? it should be like this :

So guys ! If you made it share with us ! hahaha ^__^ [aci]

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Indonesian Recipe : Soto Kudus

Ingredients :

Chicken, 500 grams
Water, 1 liter
Red onion, 5 grains, chopped
Garlic, 10 cloves, minced
Fried onions, 50 grams
Pecan, 5 grains, mashed
Ginger, 2 cm, crushed, burned
Bay leaf, 1 sheet
Galangal, a vertebra, crushed
Pepper powder, 1 / 2 teaspoon
Salt, depends of the taste
Cooking oil, depends of the taste


long bean sprouts
Chives, chopped
Celery leaves, minced
Fried onions, to taste
Boiled chicken eggs
soy sauce

How to cook :

Boil chicken with water, bay leaves and galangal until cooked and tender.
Remove the chicken is already tender, then drain and shredded-shredded and set aside.
Heat a little oil and saute onion, garlic, nutmeg and ginger until fragrant.
Enter stir spices into the chicken broth that has been separated.Add salt and pepper to taste, cook until boiling, remove from heat.
Serve with boiled egg, bean sprouts, fried onions, leeks, celery,lemon juice and soy sauce.

Makes 4 servings

Good luck! please share the photo to us if you make it ^__^ [aci]

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