Eating in Indonesian Manner

I remember my friend’s story.  She has a friend who has a foreign friend. The foreign friend of her friend came to Indonesia and very shocking when saw Indonesian using hand to eat. Not spoon, fork or knife or chopstick, only hand.

Yes, Indonesian people use their right hand to eat.  It’s their culture and tradition. They wash their hand before eating of course. The feeling of using hand when eating is good.  You should try it.  You can find Indonesian eating with hand in many restaurant here, specially restaurant with traditional food menu and several fast food restaurant.  How if Indonesian eat soup, do they use hand too? No, they use spoon.

Spoon, fork and chopstick are very popular among Indonesian. At their home, they can eat with hand, spoon, fork and chopstick according to what they eat. Knife is not too popular as spoon and fork in here at their home (except for cooking). But in a restaurant with steak menu, they will use knife and fork as western people do.

In meal time, the food are served in a big plate and stored in the middle of table. The plate can be more than one.  It can be vegetable soup, fried chicken, or fish or rice.  So everyone can take the food from that big plate to their own plate.

How if  you want that last fried chicken on that big plate? If you want  it,  you should  ask everybody there,  whether anyone want that fried chicken or not. If no one want to eat that last piece, you can take that last piece of yummy fried chicken. but if there is someone want that last piece, you should divide the food into 2 pieces, for example, or if you are too kind, you can give it to him/her. This is what we called politeness and the art of sharing.

When you are dining out with Indonesian in here, and the waiter do not serve the food at the same time,  Indonesian will wait until all the food out so that everyone can eat together. It’s also a form of politeness. Indonesian usually said “bon appetite”  before beginning to eat.

How if you are really starving to death, and your food (spaghetti) already  in front of you  for 15 minutes, but your Indonesian friend’s food has not out yet? can  you eat first? yes you can, but you have to ask everyone. For example : “may i eat first? i am very starving”. Usually the answer is “Yes”.

In Indonesia, burp while eating is not polite.

Don’t be surprised when you see your Indonesian friend taste food of her/his friend. it’s very common if the relationship between them is very close.

for example, you dine out with you Indonesian friend. Her name is Yulia. Yulia bring her best friends Tasya (female) and Rigil (male). In a restaurant you order fried rice, Yulia orders  spaghetti, Tasya orders “Lontong Kari”, and Rigill orders “Soto ayam”. Suddenly you hear Yulia want to taste “Lontong Kari” of Tasya. She put her spoon on Tasya food and taste the food. and Tasya taste Yulia’s food. The Rigil want to taste Tasya Food too, then he put his spoon on the bowl and taste it. After tasting Tasya’s food, Yulia also taste Ragil’s food.  It’s common among Indonesian doing that, with notes “very close relationship”.

I hope this information will help you when you come and stay in Indonesia 🙂



Indomie : A popular and Delicious Instant Noodle

Indomie is a product of Indonesia. It is an instant noodle with various taste and very delicious. The product is very popular  in several countries, and  very popular here as well.  I usually eat this instant noodle in breakfast, in a cold weather, and  when  i am lazy for cooking or there is no food left at home. Haha….but i don’t eat it everyday of course.

Since it’s very popular in several countries, there are many commercials tv about Indomie. Even, there is  Nigerian rapper who sing about indomie. In the song,  the rapper tell that he likes indomie so much.

Here is the video clip of J20, “Indomie”:

And there are also some commercials tv of Indomie around the world :

And here is one of the commercial tv from Indonesia:

you can find more videos on youtube .LOL. By the way, this is the official website of Indomie:



Hello, I have a Madura cooking treasure recipe. I got this from Selera Magazine, November 1997 issue.  Maybe you can try this recipe at home:


(Anchovies Rice)

Ingredients :

5 tablespoon vegetable oil

300 gram anchovies rice (kendui)

3 spring onion, thinly slice

100 ml water

4 tablespoon tamarind juice

Spice Mix:

5 Red chillies

2 tomatoes

5 shallots

5 clove garlic

3 candlenut, dry fry in a pan

½ teaspoon granulated sugar

Salt to taste


Grind spice mix. Put ground spice mix, vegetable oil, anchovies rice, spring onion, water and tamarind juice on large pan. Simmer on low heat until dry. [cel]

Make : 8 Serving.

So where is Madura?



Ahh, ya…there it is…

Dogar – Chocolate With Spicy Shredded Fish Flavor

Are you dare eating chocolate with spicy shredded fish  flavor? Can you imagine the flavor?This is another Indonesian product.  It’s sweet chocolate mix with salty and spicy shredded fish.  It’s very unique taste and delicious. If you are a food adventurer you should try this. My friend brought this from his homeland, Garut.  You must go to Garut city first to get this kind of chocolate or you can ask your friend who lives there, because it is a unique souvenir from Garut, West Java Province, Indonesia.[cel]


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Chinese Mini Pie in Indonesian Way

Bakpia is one of the snack which is very famous in Central Java, Specially from D.I Yogyakarta province. People who go to Yogyakarta, usually buy this for souvenir. People said that Bakpia recipe itself came from China. There, they call it Tou Luk Pia which means green beans pie.

Beside green beans flavor, there are several flavors like chocolate, cheese, etc of Bakpia. You should try it, i am sure you’ll be addicted to it !  It taste is sweet and delicious ^___^ [aci]



a little old Italian sensation in the BIG city

Have you heard Ragusa ice cream? The Ragusa ice cream originally came from Italy and we can find some of them here at Jakarta with a little sense of Jakarta too. Located in the heart of Jakarta, veteran 1 street No. 10, this ice cream is very famous since the colonial era. Historically, this ice cream was sold by the Italian brothers named Luigi and Vicenso since 1932. At that time, they sold their ice cream with traditional ways, they use cart and the ice cream was sold one full month a year in the night market of Gambir. The cafe is so unique, located in the heart of metropolitan city but they takes a good care and they keeping the originality of they building, the rattan chairs etc. You can find spaghetti ice cream, banana split, and the other kind of ice cream there. So, do you want to try ?

Banana Split, Tutti Fruity Ice cream, Nougat Ice cream...

Location of the Ice cream Ragusa…

then mangiamo ! ^___^ [aci].

The Most Expensive Coffee in The World

Are you a fan of coffee? Have you ever heard Luwak Coffee or Civet Coffee? Have you ever taste it?

Luwak Coffee or Civet Coffee  is a coffee which is taken from the poo of the Civet. People say that the taste is different and delicious. In time, more people in the world know about this coffee and it’s known as the most expensive coffee in the world which  cost USD 100 per 450 gr.

Who will know that the coffee of the poor people becomes the most delightful coffee in the world? In the 18th centuries when Indonesia was colonized by Dutch,  The Dutch built some plantation for their colonies especially in Java island and Sumatra island. One of them was the coffee beans  from Yaman. In the era of Cultuurstelsel (1830-1870) the Dutch prohibited the plantation workers to consumed the coffee.  One day, the workers  saw a civet whose consumed coffee fruits and their poo was a coffee beans. The workers made it a coffee and it’s so delicious. The news was spreading across the world and then this coffee become something rare and that is  why this coffee is so expensive.[aci].

Civet Coffee

More info please check here

Ma Icih Phenomenon

Ma Icih's Logo

Do you like spicy and hot snacks? Do you dare to try this food? Here’s now the most wanted snacks in Indonesia! Started with a young man named Reza Nurhilman who has transformed a traditional and simply food made by cassava. He was inspired with a mysterious grand mother who identity is keeping in secret to make a cheap cassava’s chips into an exclusive food with a good plan marketing and prices. Reza make several hot level with this cassava’s chips, there is from 3,5 to 10 the highest level). Also, he makes more variety with Ma Icih brand such as gurilem, baso goreng, etc. If you want to buy this product, you must follow its twitter @infomaicih, because this  how he sells his famous product. And you also can buy online by ordering in here [aci]

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