Braga Festival Bandung

Last week,  Bandung celebrated its 201st  birthday. Many events held to support it such as cinema bus, carnival, and also Braga Festival Bandung. It called so, because it was held at Braga street, which is one of the old place and landmark in Bandung history.

There, most of artist participated to show their aspiration and hopes about this city with their own way. This event is held in 23rd until 25th of September every year. So, if you want to come here and see it,  you know when is the right time, right? haha…

At the Braga street you will see mostly painting, traditional songs, traditional musics, etc. There are also contemporary art such as photography and the sculpture which is made by garbage and it criticism the government.  You could see the atmosphere of the festival from this pictures :


Hungry? There’s no need to worry, because there are also an old bakery shop and restaurant where you can find an old school cake with a unique atmosphere named Sumber Hidangan. Need something refreshing? There’s a cafe that sell a very good ice cream named Canary, at Canary  you can buy a little traditional snacks too.

Well, we’ll see you next year guys ! ^__^ [aci]


Back to the old Batavia’s times

As you know, in the past Indonesia was colonized by the Dutch people. Now, we’re still can see some of the historical building and some memories from that times in the area named Kota Tua, Jakarta. There, you can find several museums such as Mandiri museum, Wayang museum, Fatahillah museum, etc. Here, you can hang out at the plaza and feel the atmosphere. You could rent a bicycle per hour too and take some little tour there.

Do you want to have some unique picture with the sensation of the old times? There are a few space where you can rent some local photographer and their old properties. You could have your photo in an instant ! So lets feel the old sensation! ^____^ [aci]

PS : I think it’s better if we go by the public transportation because its simpler. You could take Busway to Jakarta Kota (^__^)

a little old Italian sensation in the BIG city

Have you heard Ragusa ice cream? The Ragusa ice cream originally came from Italy and we can find some of them here at Jakarta with a little sense of Jakarta too. Located in the heart of Jakarta, veteran 1 street No. 10, this ice cream is very famous since the colonial era. Historically, this ice cream was sold by the Italian brothers named Luigi and Vicenso since 1932. At that time, they sold their ice cream with traditional ways, they use cart and the ice cream was sold one full month a year in the night market of Gambir. The cafe is so unique, located in the heart of metropolitan city but they takes a good care and they keeping the originality of they building, the rattan chairs etc. You can find spaghetti ice cream, banana split, and the other kind of ice cream there. So, do you want to try ?

Banana Split, Tutti Fruity Ice cream, Nougat Ice cream...

Location of the Ice cream Ragusa…

then mangiamo ! ^___^ [aci].

One of The Biggest Budhist Temple in The World

Budha's Stupa

This temple called Borobudur Temple which located in a village named Magelang, Central java. This Borobudur Temple was built in Syailendra dynasty  by Samaratungga, King of the Ancient Maratam Kingdom. This second of the largest temple after the Angkor Wat Temple in Kamboja was built by the stones without any cement to glue all the constructions things. The size is 123 x 123 meter. This Budhist Temple has 1460 reliefs and 504 Budha’s Statues in this area. There are 10 levels in this temple. Each level represent the step of the lives of the human. The ground level named Kamadhatu, Rupadhatu, Arupadhatu, and the highest level named Arupa which is symbolizing the nirvana where’s Budha rest. [aci].

I remember when i did an interview with the best history lecturer in Indonesia for my project, i asked about this Borobudur temple. He said, based on his research, probably  long ago  Borobudur temple painted in white and floated in an artificial lake, so it looks like white lotus floating in the water. They made the temple first, then dam up the  Progo and Elok river. Isn’t it amazing? [cel].

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