Indonesian Writer – Risa Sarasvati

Risa Sarasvati

Risa Sarasvati

Risa Sarasvati is one of the new wave writers whose young and unique (in my opinion).  In fact Risa Sarasvati is also well-known as an unique mucisian. She wrote all her experiences and her feeling about what you think might be crazy or irrational. You may called her indigo child because she can see what the other people can’t and she tries to make you wondering about what she’s seen by her book titled “DANUR“. Danur is water that comes from the bodies of living things die and decompose. Risa is trying to share and inviting us to her world by this book. She is telling about her “friends” Peter, William, Hans, Hendrick, Janshen, Samantha, Jane, Ardiah, Edwin, Teddy, Sarah, Elizabeth, Kasih. You should read it and feel the unique athmosphere while reading it like i did…hahaha~~ You can find her at  her twitter @risa_saraswati.

"Danur" the book written by Risa Sarasvati

“Danur” the book written by Risa Sarasvati

Did i said that she is a mucisian also? So, then take a look at her video clip titled “Song about Peter” one of the character in her book Danur :


Enjoy it guys ! [aci/@RestySavira]


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