Trip to the province with a thousand of temple, Bali (unfinished)

I think many people have known Bali as one of the best tourism spot in the world, but i think some people don’t know that Bali is located in Indonesia. So, last time i went there and i’ll do some review for you :). For you who have been to Bali, you all guys must be know about Kuta. Yeah, for you who likes to do clubbing and hangout with your friends in a bar or cafe this is the right place for you guys. This area filled with bar, club, cafe and shopping area. But, before we do shopping, why not spend some of or time to grieve for the victims of Bali’s Legian Bomb at the Bali-Bomb Monument.

Tired? dont worry…you could relax for a while and enjoy the sunshine because at the end for the road you will find the famous kuta beach and there’re some people who offers you some massage.

The closest hotel to the kuta beach are mostly the five stars hotel like Hardrock Hotel Bali, Mercure Hotel, Inna Kuta Beach, etc. For you who like to do some activities with a big adrenalin, you must try slingshot there which is located near the Centro mall Kuta.

For you guys who like to have a wonderfull quiet and romantic  honeymoon spot  or you need some peacefull place to do yoga or refreshing your mind, i think i’ll suggest you Saranam eco-resort ( Located in the Bedugul mountain which is surounded by the beautiful ricefield.

About 30 minutes from that hotel you will find a beautiful temple which is located in the side of a lake, name Bedugul temple. If you’re lucky or come in the right time, you’ll see a traditional occassion of the people there.


the review is to be continued…. [aci]


Sail Wakatobi-Belitong 2011

Do you have any plans to go to spend your holiday in Indonesia in this October? If you do, then you mustn’t miss this event. Sail Wakatobi-Belitong is an event which is held by the government this year to make more people know about the richness of our country is. You will never regret it i swear ! the beautiful beaches, the sand, and of course the lovely sea is calling at you ! hahaha. There are plenty of things to see, they are :

  1. The breaking of Guinness Book Of Record for playing chess under the sea in East Belitong
  2. Cruise and yacht rally in Tanjung Kelayang
  3. National competition of Jetski
  4. ” Ayo Tanam Rumput Laut ” Action (Belitung)
  5. Turtle conservation movement (Belitung)
  6. Fishing competition (Belitung)
  7. Pinisi boat sail competition (Jakarta-Belitung)
  8. International Volley Beach Tournament
  9. Coral implantation (Belitung)
  10. Singapore – Belitong Cruise, and many more…!
So guys, what do you need to have a great time is there !
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