Inspiring Story by Inspiring Denny Sumargo

Denny Sumargono

Denny Sumargo was born in 11 October 1981 at a region named Luwuk Bangawi, North Sulawesi. The Sumargo name came from the name of her mother Meiske Sumargo. He’s one of the greatest basketball athlete in Indonesia. Her career was shining since he joins the Satria Muda basketball club. The little Denny used to live independently with his sense of freedom and his toughness. His parents were divorced when he was still in her mother tummy. His past and of course her mother is a greatest teacher for him. He always remember the words from her mother that…

“to be success, you must be smart and discipline. Dont you ever forget with your responsibility, moreover with the things you must do”.




Hello, I have a Madura cooking treasure recipe. I got this from Selera Magazine, November 1997 issue.  Maybe you can try this recipe at home:


(Anchovies Rice)

Ingredients :

5 tablespoon vegetable oil

300 gram anchovies rice (kendui)

3 spring onion, thinly slice

100 ml water

4 tablespoon tamarind juice

Spice Mix:

5 Red chillies

2 tomatoes

5 shallots

5 clove garlic

3 candlenut, dry fry in a pan

½ teaspoon granulated sugar

Salt to taste


Grind spice mix. Put ground spice mix, vegetable oil, anchovies rice, spring onion, water and tamarind juice on large pan. Simmer on low heat until dry. [cel]

Make : 8 Serving.

So where is Madura?



Ahh, ya…there it is…

Dogar – Chocolate With Spicy Shredded Fish Flavor

Are you dare eating chocolate with spicy shredded fish  flavor? Can you imagine the flavor?This is another Indonesian product.  It’s sweet chocolate mix with salty and spicy shredded fish.  It’s very unique taste and delicious. If you are a food adventurer you should try this. My friend brought this from his homeland, Garut.  You must go to Garut city first to get this kind of chocolate or you can ask your friend who lives there, because it is a unique souvenir from Garut, West Java Province, Indonesia.[cel]


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Exoctic Dance from Exotic Province, Bali…

This dance is the identity of one of the most beautiful island in the world, Bali. It was created in 1930. The main performers are male. The male dancers sit in a rows in a circle with a rhythm called “cak” while they raising their both arms. It’s symbolize the story about Ramayana as line of apes when he have to fight Ravana. Actually, this dance is a story about the Ramayana and Shinta.

However, the Kecak dance itself is a part of sanghyang ritual. In fact people said that the dancers will be in unconscious condition so they could communicate with God or the spirit of their ancestors and then convey their expectations to the people. The uniqueness of this dance is there aren’t any music to accompany the dancers. There only some little bells which are worn on the dancers feet. It would create a unique harmony.

There’s a plenty of way to enjoy the show of Kecak Dance, but, the best way to see it is in an outdoor way with the view of the beautiful sunset such as you can see in a region named Uluwatu. There, we can see the show in the temple of Uluwatu. The beauty and the atmosphere is so unbelievable. This temple was built at the top of the cliff with the height about 30 meter. We shall see the Indian ocean at the back of the temple. What a sensation !! ^__^ [aci]

You can see the video here : (Part 1) (Part 2)

Learning Indonesian Through Video

Hi, now you can learn Indonesian through video. I found this cool channel on YouTube. You can learn more fun from here, because you can hear the word correctly. Just follow her channel :

And this is the example of her teaching :

You can see more videos on


Indonesia is Republic

Although it is said that Indonesia has  a larger Muslim population than any other country in the world, it doesn’t mean that Indonesia is an Islamic country. Indonesia is a Republic. Its long name is Republic of Indonesia, while its short name is Indonesia.  Indonesia is also a democracy. Islam is a dominant religion in this country, then follow by Protestant, Roman Catholic, Hindu, Buddha and Confucian, and other religions and beliefs.[cel].

Four Season of Love with Ilana Tan Books

Any of you like a romantic story? You should read the tetralogy of the master piece mysterious Ilana Tan. There aren’t so many info about who is Ilana Tan exactly, so i called her misterious. But, after i read the book i guess the writer is Indonesian since the book is telling about the love story of four Indonesian girl in the four different season and country and of course in different story. I love the books sooooooo much ! Started with Summer In Seoul, Autumn in Paris, Winter in Japan and the last is Spring in London. The unique thing in these books are the characters who are connected in each book.[aci].

Chinese Mini Pie in Indonesian Way

Bakpia is one of the snack which is very famous in Central Java, Specially from D.I Yogyakarta province. People who go to Yogyakarta, usually buy this for souvenir. People said that Bakpia recipe itself came from China. There, they call it Tou Luk Pia which means green beans pie.

Beside green beans flavor, there are several flavors like chocolate, cheese, etc of Bakpia. You should try it, i am sure you’ll be addicted to it !  It taste is sweet and delicious ^___^ [aci]



How Buddha and Hindu come to Indonesia?

In Indonesia there are so many believes and religions:  Christian, Catholic, Islam, Hindu, Buddha, etc. Hindu was came together to Indonesia with the Buddhism. Both were the first religion came here  by the trading relation between Indonesia and several country like India, China (Tiongkok) and Central East. At the 5th century, the Hindu and Buddha kingdom was started with the Kingdom of Kutai, Tarumanagara and continued by the Sriwijaya, Kalingga, Mataram Hindu,  and Majapahit Kingdom at the 16th century. [aci].

"Prambanan" Hindu's temple

"Borobudur". Buddha's temple.

Keroncong Genre

My late aunt and uncle, both were husband and wife, were the fans of Keroncong genre. My aunt is actually a music teacher who teach Violin. Since I was a kid I often heard the music style from tape of my uncle. We were neighbor. Their house was next to mine. So, I am familiar with this kind of music. Well, I am not a fans of Keroncong but I like to hear the music sometime. I searched from engine about the Keroncong. Maybe this will help you to know more about it:

Kroncong (pronounced “kronchong”; Indonesian: Keroncong, Dutch: Krontjong) is the name of a ukulele-type instrument and an Indonesian musical style that typically makes use of the kroncong (the sound chrong-chrong-chrong comes from this instrument, so the music is called keronchong), the band or combo or ensemble (it called as keronchong orchestra) consist of a flute, a violin, a melody guitar, a cello in pizzicato style, string bass also in pizzicato, and a female or male singer. Kroncong music began in the 16th century as sailors from the Portuguese Empire brought Portuguese instruments and music to Indonesia.(source www.

Do we have Maestro of Keroncong? Yes, we have the maestro of Keroncong here. His name is Gesang Martohartono or Gesang. He was born in Surakarta, Central Java on October 1, 1917. He composed “Bengawan Solo”, which is very popular throughout the world. Specially in Japan and Asia. He composed it when he was 23 years old. Gesang died on 20 May 2010 at the age of 92. He left his entire fortune (of some $20 million) to the charity “Music in Youth”.[cel].

If you want to see our maestro, hear his voice and song of Bengawan Solo, watch this:

If you want to hear “Bengawan Solo” in another language and various music genre, watch this:

We also have Keroncong’s Diva such as: Waldjinah, Sundari Sukoco and Hetty Koes Endang. But I will talk about them later.

Perhaps this genre is not as popular as in war and struggle time in Indonesia. Perhaps some  people, specially youth, think this music is for old people. But there are young men, Bondan Prakoso ft. Fade 2 Black  who make Kroncong sounds cool for youth. Check this out :

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