Red Chili Chocolate

Red Chili Chocolate of Monggo.

What do you  think about this? Hot chocolate? LOL. Believe me , this chocolate is really hot. The word “of eruption” in the picture is serious. If you only eat one tablet, it’s nothing. But if you eat more than 3 tablets, your tongue will feel hot, and this hot is going to your throat and stomach. Ingredient which make it hot and warm is not only a chili but also a clove. The combination of dark chocolate with chili and clove is perfect. I just like this taste of chocolate.  This chocolate is hotter than other chocolate which has chili taste.  I ever tried another brand which not made in Indonesia, it’s not hot.

The first time I ate Monggo chocolate was when I went to a supermarket and met a sales promotion girl of Monggo. I tried it and finally bought it, after I asked some questions to her. We had little interview, yeah. This Monggo was made in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Monggo used recycled paper to wrap the chocolate so, this company is green. And this is made by Belgian chocolatier. You can read more story of Monggo chocolate in here

The yellow one inside the chocolate is chili rice which make the chocolate's taste hot.

So when you have a vacation in Indonesia, specially in Yogyakarta, don’t forget to try it. I recommend you  red chili chocolate for an exotic taste 🙂 [cel]


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