Indonesian Movie – Pasir Berbisik (Whispering Sands)

This movie was released in 2001 and directed by Nan Achnas. It’s tell us about a young girl named Daya ( Dian Sastrowardoyo ) who lives in a poor village with her mother, Berlian ( Christine Hakim ) who sell jamu (indonesian traditional drink made by herbs). Daya’s father, Agus ( Slamet Raharjo Djarot ) was a puppeteer who left them while Daya was just a kid. Their village is very far from the modern world. Berlian is a very protective mom. So, Daya is always wanted so bad seeing her father back. Daya is always believing that the sand is whispering something to her. Daya want to go with her father.

One day, in their village, there was an unusual terror, which caused many people died and the house burns down, it makes a lot of people move. One day, a group of people out of nowhere to attack the village. Daya and Berlian quickly bring supplies and enough clothes to run away from home. They walked aimlessly, Berlian recalled the words of her sister who is now a dancer ronggeng circumference, that the safest place is near the village of White Sand.

Berlian dan Daya could eventually settled in White Sand by occupying a vacant hut. When Berlian selling jamu, a man named Suwito (Didi Petet) who works as a handyman for sale, get acquainted with Berlian and secretly enamored with Daya. Daya’s friends, a girl her age named Sukma (Dessy Fitri) said that she knows when new people come by the sands. Sukma and Daya studied with Sukma’s grandfather (Mang Udel). One day, Daya walk on her own and meet a group of dancers ronggeng and met Ms. Lik. Ms. Lik provide a clothes ronggeng Resources, and since then Daya to love to dance. After, Daya loves dancing very much. When her mother knows it, Berlian secretly burned the ronggeng clothes, make-added Daya to her disgust. Ms. Lik finally went, with her entourage, she warned that if she behaves Berlian aloud to her daughter, her daughter will go. One night, Agus home and returned home at White Sands.

This reunion was greeted not by a Berlian, which stated that she was no longer needed Agus. Agus and Daya quickly became a family again for a fun Agus profile. In front of Daya and Sukma, Agus practice the way of attracting people’s attention when organizing the show. Upon their return, Daya and Sukma playing in a field when Sukma suddenly collapsed and died because of a fall and his head collided with a sharp stone. Daya would have been very lost friend. Then, Agus for several days to bring Daya to Suwito. Apparently, Daya harassed by Suwito after Suwito give Agus expensive pack of cigarettes. Daya becomes traumatized and sick.

Berlian caring for Daya. She drink poison to Agus, who is wanted to fall asleep, he also died. Then, finally Daya re-awakened. She and Berlian live for several days before their house was burned by the common terror. The film ends with a Berlian, which send Daya to go with Sukma’s grandfather, let her alone.

The set of the film was located in Bromo Mountain, East Java. It has a beautiful set and story. This movie got several awards, such as :

  • Best Cinematography Award, Best Sound Award dan Jury’s Special Award For Most Promising Director for Festival Filem Asia Pacific 2001
  • Festival Film Asiatique Deauville 2002 – Dian Sastrowardoyo won the best female actress
  • Festival Film Antarabangsa Singapura ke-15- Dian Sastrowardoyo won the best female actress
  • Festival Film Indonesia 2004 meraih nominasi di 8 kategori : The best film, The Best Actress (Dian Sastrowardoyo dan Christine Hakim), The best supporting actor (Didi Petet dan Slamet Rahardjo),The best supporting actress (Dessy Fitri), The best cinematography (Yadi Sugandi),The best artistic (Frans X.R. Paat), The best music (Thoersi Agreswara), dan The best sound (Adimolana Machmud dan Hartanto).
Please tell us if you have watch it ! Okay? (^____^)b [aci]

The Perfect House : What Happen on That Big House?

Maybe you’ve never seen Indonesian movie before. Today, i will introduce you “The Perfect House”, which is a psychological thriller movie. This movie was directed by Affandi Abdul Rachman. Starring : Cathy Sharon, Bella Esperance, Endy Arfian, Mike Lucock, Wanda Nizar, Joy Revfa.


Julie is a private tutor for children with special needs. After teaching Angie, a mild autistic pupil, Julie wanted a short break to clear her mind from her parents accident. However, Mrs Rita asked Julie to teach her grandson, Januar. When Julie learned that Januar’s parents also killed in an accident, she felt empathy and agree to become Januar’s teacher for a month.  However, something mysterious and dark secret that was hidden in the house and  made Julie’s life was threatened forever.

The trailer:


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