Another way to spend your vacation in Indonesia “Green Vacation”

fnpf NGO

A friend of mine inspired me to write this post. At the moment, she works at this NGO. And after i know it, i would share it to you guys about this organisation if any of you don’t know yet about this. Personally i found it very interesting. I would do it myself if i have a chance. But sadly, again i have such a hectic life right now. Okay, now let’s straight to the point.

She works in FNPF (Friends of the National Parks Foundation). It’s a local Indonesian NGO that was founded in 1997 by a group of veterinarians, and conservation / community minded Indonesians.

This organisation create and run community-based conservation that respects the interdependence of wildlife, habitat and local community. It have saved the Bali’s emblem bird and one of the world’s rarest birds, the Bali Starling, from becoming extinct in the wild, relocated dozens of Orangutans to safety from the palm oil plantations to Tanjung Puting National Park and Lamandau River Wildlife Reserve, and have improved the well-being of hundreds of local community members.

You could imagine how this NGO try to save the world, especially Indonesia. This NGO have a volunteer program for you guys who might be have some interest to save the world or who love animal or maybe who need an unique way to spend you time to some extraordinary experience.

So, for more info about this NGO and their program, or may be you want to become a volunteer and be a hero, you may open this link [aci]


When Indonesian Theaters Goes International “Hanoman The Ultimate Warrior”


Well as i must said personally, that at first i think theater, and drama in Indonesia isn’t one of the main thing like in France, or other countries. But, I’ve changed my mind after i saw the news about the success of drama musical entitled Hanoman : The Ultimate Warrior which was held in Jakarta several days ago. The story was originally taken from Indonesian traditional wooden puppet story. The casts are variative, from the real actor to singer. In fact, i saw that there are some  international artist that joined this event. Sadly, i don’t have any chance to see it live. But i heard that it was well composed and contained several actions stuff, and all the elements makes the harmony in this show even more  beautiful

This story was directed by Mirwan Suwarso. He said that the main goal of this story is to attract the Indonesian people to know a Indonesian’s traditional story which slowly but sure young generation starting to forget about it. July 2013, this show will be held in five differents cities in America such as Anaheim, Houston, Florida, Tampa, and San Jose. Next destination will be Europe. Some viewers recommend “Hanoman The Musical” to be watch with all of our family.

193846_pementasan-hanoman-the-ultimate-warrior_663_382 193848_pementasan-hanoman-the-ultimate-warrior_663_382 193845_pementasan-hanoman-the-ultimate-warrior_663_382
for more info about this show, you could see it at this link atau [aci]

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How buddhism people in Indonesia celebrate their waisak day


the monk in the temple

Hello everyone? long time no see… it’s been a while since our last posting. Several days ago, the buddhism people celebrated their Waisak day. In Indonesia, when the Waisak day is come, people are gathering to Borobudur temple. Well, as i said in one of my posting about Borobudur temple, the temple itself was built in the 8th century, and the tradition about Waisak was held eversince 1953 by The Boan An or Bhikkhu Ashin Jinarakkhita as the ancestor of the Budhist in Indonesia. About 1000 lanterns was carried by all the people to illuminate the west area of Borobudur temple. The athmosphere was so unique and the view was beautiful. Just like the other years before, there’re about 10.000 buddhism whose celebrated Waisak in Borobudur temple. In 4-5 may 2012 the eternal flame was taken from Mrapen Kabubaten Grobogan, and the holy water was taken from Umbul Jumprit Kabupaten Temanggung. Here it is the picture that i took from googling… :)) [aci]


Richard Gere in the Borobudur Temple


the lantern in Borobudur Temple

Indonesian Writer – Risa Sarasvati

Risa Sarasvati

Risa Sarasvati

Risa Sarasvati is one of the new wave writers whose young and unique (in my opinion).  In fact Risa Sarasvati is also well-known as an unique mucisian. She wrote all her experiences and her feeling about what you think might be crazy or irrational. You may called her indigo child because she can see what the other people can’t and she tries to make you wondering about what she’s seen by her book titled “DANUR“. Danur is water that comes from the bodies of living things die and decompose. Risa is trying to share and inviting us to her world by this book. She is telling about her “friends” Peter, William, Hans, Hendrick, Janshen, Samantha, Jane, Ardiah, Edwin, Teddy, Sarah, Elizabeth, Kasih. You should read it and feel the unique athmosphere while reading it like i did…hahaha~~ You can find her at  her twitter @risa_saraswati.

"Danur" the book written by Risa Sarasvati

“Danur” the book written by Risa Sarasvati

Did i said that she is a mucisian also? So, then take a look at her video clip titled “Song about Peter” one of the character in her book Danur :


Enjoy it guys ! [aci/@RestySavira]

Trip to the province with a thousand of temple, Bali part 2

So, many people have come to Bali. Yes, it has such a unique athmosphere and culture sensation. If you came to a region you must taste the food right? because the food is a part of the culture. Here it is the food that you must taste if you come to Bali :

1. Sate Lilit Bali

2. Betutu Chicken or Duck Bali (beware you must like spicy food to try it)

3. Lawar (it’s just llike a salad)

Actually i’m on my way searching for more info about it. I promise i’ll share it soon… ^_^

Now, it’s shopping time !! Beside, the kuta district, the ubud village boutique, we can do shopping for a bargain price in Fatmawati Market. (I’ll suggest you to make a bargain at least 40% from the original price. In fact it work for me as Indonesian, i don’t know if it really work for foreign tourist, but it worth to try).

sukowati market

You are not allowed to leave Bali before you see the dance performance. Kecak dance, barong dance, pendet dance, topeng dance, etc. I suggest you to watch the kecak dance at Bedugul temple or GWK (Garuda Wisnu Kencana) the masterpiece of our craftman. It’s unfinished sculpture of the God named Wisnu from the beliefs of Hindunism. It’s unfinished but still it’s beautiful ! Here it is…Check it out…

Wisnu God

I found a really interesting place there, it is Tirta empul temple. People believe that it’s a place to make ourself back to the holyness. You should go there too…

Actually theres more interesting place there, but unfortunatelly i cant tell it all…Have a good vacation guys ! [aci]

Gayung for Bathing

Hello there, i am gonna tell you about Gayung. What is Gayung? Well, i don’t know the meaning of Gayung in English. So i am gonna tell you the function of Gayung. It’s mostly used for bathing in Indonesia. Do you want to know how its look ? Here it is :



Hmm…looks familiar?

Most of family in Indonesia has Gayung in their bathroom. They take water with this tool and pour it to their body. Can you imagine it?

Some place like expensive apartment or hotel or maybe a house with western concept  use only  shower on the bathroom. But there is also a house that have both  shower and  gayung  in their bathroom or just Gayung. In a bathroom which use Gayung, usually has “bak mandi”  a place to hold water. Something like this:

Bak Mandi


Or, if they don’t have “bak mandi”, they will use bucket.

Maybe you can watch this commercial tv. This is about village people in Indonesia who dance with Gayung.

This commercial tv is happening here now.

And this is traditional gayung.. I called this “gayung jawa” or “siwur” :

Gayung jawa or siwur


So, if you are visiting Indonesia and found Gayung in one of  the people’s bathroom, you know what to do with it 🙂   [Sel]


Indonesian Traditional Games

On this era, for some kids traditional games do not look attractive anymore,  they prefer playing the Internet, video games, Play Station etc. Whereas this traditional games can form the character of the child to be creative, innovative,socially minded, cultured,  and faithful. So sad that this traditional games slowly become extinct.

Komunitas Hong (Hong’s Community) is a group of people who concern with this matters. Mr. Zaini is the founder of this community.This community has 150 member with all stage of age, start from age 6 until 90 years old. Children group is an actors on the game, and adult group function is as sources and toys maker. This community tried to reconstruct and research  the traditional toys from oral and literary tradition such as ancient script.  For more information you can visit this site:

Indonesian traditional games , such as:


“GASING” we can found it in almost all region of Indonesia. Gasing commonly played by boys with age 7 – 17 years old, and it could be played in group. Gasing was made from woods, formed with a taper section in the bottom. This is a competitive games, testing  skill on rotating the Gasing.

Congklak Board and The Seeds

Girls play Congklak

CONGKLAK” played by 2 people. Congklak need Congklak Board (Papan Congklak) and 98 seed/clam shell/little stone or marble. The game started with one people take any  seed from any hole and put it on the next right hole and so on. If the seed is run out in the rival small hole, we can take all the seed on the hole.  And if the seed run out in our side of the board, we can take all the seed in opposite hole. The game can be considered over if there’s nothing left to be taken (all seeds are in the 2 big hole). And the winner is a person that get the most seeds.

Balap Karung game

 “BALAP KARUNG” is one of the popular games in Indonesia. Players must be put their feet on the sack, and jump to race on until finished line.

Galah Asin Game

“GALAH ASIN” consist of 2 groups, and each time have 3 – 5 players. The point of the game is facing the opponents so the opponent can not pass through the last line back and forth, and to win the game, the entire group should complete the process back and forth within a predetermined area of ​​the field

Egrang Game

EGRANG” this game can be categorized as child games. Commonly the game played with boys, age 7-13 years old. And the players are 2-6 people. [riri]

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Indonesian Movie – Pasir Berbisik (Whispering Sands)

This movie was released in 2001 and directed by Nan Achnas. It’s tell us about a young girl named Daya ( Dian Sastrowardoyo ) who lives in a poor village with her mother, Berlian ( Christine Hakim ) who sell jamu (indonesian traditional drink made by herbs). Daya’s father, Agus ( Slamet Raharjo Djarot ) was a puppeteer who left them while Daya was just a kid. Their village is very far from the modern world. Berlian is a very protective mom. So, Daya is always wanted so bad seeing her father back. Daya is always believing that the sand is whispering something to her. Daya want to go with her father.

One day, in their village, there was an unusual terror, which caused many people died and the house burns down, it makes a lot of people move. One day, a group of people out of nowhere to attack the village. Daya and Berlian quickly bring supplies and enough clothes to run away from home. They walked aimlessly, Berlian recalled the words of her sister who is now a dancer ronggeng circumference, that the safest place is near the village of White Sand.

Berlian dan Daya could eventually settled in White Sand by occupying a vacant hut. When Berlian selling jamu, a man named Suwito (Didi Petet) who works as a handyman for sale, get acquainted with Berlian and secretly enamored with Daya. Daya’s friends, a girl her age named Sukma (Dessy Fitri) said that she knows when new people come by the sands. Sukma and Daya studied with Sukma’s grandfather (Mang Udel). One day, Daya walk on her own and meet a group of dancers ronggeng and met Ms. Lik. Ms. Lik provide a clothes ronggeng Resources, and since then Daya to love to dance. After, Daya loves dancing very much. When her mother knows it, Berlian secretly burned the ronggeng clothes, make-added Daya to her disgust. Ms. Lik finally went, with her entourage, she warned that if she behaves Berlian aloud to her daughter, her daughter will go. One night, Agus home and returned home at White Sands.

This reunion was greeted not by a Berlian, which stated that she was no longer needed Agus. Agus and Daya quickly became a family again for a fun Agus profile. In front of Daya and Sukma, Agus practice the way of attracting people’s attention when organizing the show. Upon their return, Daya and Sukma playing in a field when Sukma suddenly collapsed and died because of a fall and his head collided with a sharp stone. Daya would have been very lost friend. Then, Agus for several days to bring Daya to Suwito. Apparently, Daya harassed by Suwito after Suwito give Agus expensive pack of cigarettes. Daya becomes traumatized and sick.

Berlian caring for Daya. She drink poison to Agus, who is wanted to fall asleep, he also died. Then, finally Daya re-awakened. She and Berlian live for several days before their house was burned by the common terror. The film ends with a Berlian, which send Daya to go with Sukma’s grandfather, let her alone.

The set of the film was located in Bromo Mountain, East Java. It has a beautiful set and story. This movie got several awards, such as :

  • Best Cinematography Award, Best Sound Award dan Jury’s Special Award For Most Promising Director for Festival Filem Asia Pacific 2001
  • Festival Film Asiatique Deauville 2002 – Dian Sastrowardoyo won the best female actress
  • Festival Film Antarabangsa Singapura ke-15- Dian Sastrowardoyo won the best female actress
  • Festival Film Indonesia 2004 meraih nominasi di 8 kategori : The best film, The Best Actress (Dian Sastrowardoyo dan Christine Hakim), The best supporting actor (Didi Petet dan Slamet Rahardjo),The best supporting actress (Dessy Fitri), The best cinematography (Yadi Sugandi),The best artistic (Frans X.R. Paat), The best music (Thoersi Agreswara), dan The best sound (Adimolana Machmud dan Hartanto).
Please tell us if you have watch it ! Okay? (^____^)b [aci]

Candil, a Funny Indonesian Rocker

Dian Dipa Chandra or well-known as  Candil is one of Indonesian rocker who has many fans. For me he is a funny rocker. He was in Seurieus band as a vocalist. Seurieus became popular with song “Rocker Juga Manusia”. You can see his performance here :

Too bad he was out from the band after 14 years with the band. But he still sing and make collaboration with another musician such as Saykoji and Peterpan. Like in this video:

Beside as a singer, he also starring some movies, in “The Tarix Jabrix”, “Asoy Geboy”,”Kawin Laris”, and so on.

Alice Cooper is the one who make him interested in rock music. [Sel].


Royal Wedding of This Year

The youngest daughter of Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwana X, Gusti Raden Ajeng (GRAj) Nurastuti Wijareni (GKR Bendara) maried Achmad Ubaidillah who is not from a royal family.  Their wedding is royal wedding of this year in Indonesia.  I will tell you that… formerly, long…long ago….Indonesia consist of area which rules by several kingdoms.  After Indonesia become a republic, royal families still exist and blend with society. Some royal family usually concern in maintaining royal culture and culture, and some has own profesion…for example as a lecturer, entrepreneur, etc.

Ok…Back to their wedding… Their wedding was held for 4 days  from 16 – 19 October 2011 in Keraton Yogyakarta.  The Sultan gave royal tittle to Achmad Ubaidillah, it is Kanjeng Pangeran Harya (KPH) Yudanegara.  Oh, by the way GRAj Nurastuti Wijareni was a finalist of Miss Indonesia in 2009.

Many famous people came to the wedding reception, even our president and vice president. Journalist who came to cover the news might wear traditional wear of  Java. Society of Yogyakarta also happy with the wedding. Some people of Yogyakarta gave food to royal family too. And of course the princess and the prince ride a royal cart to meet the people outside Keraton (the palace). Because of this royal wedding, hotels in Yogyakarta were full-booked, many tourist from abroad or domestic came just to see this awesome wedding.

Here is some pictures that i take from this website:  and!/KratonWedding/media/slideshow

Invitation Card of The Royal Wedding

B'doyo Manten dance (this dance only perform in the wedding of Sultan's family and the dancer should be a virgin)

Beksan Lawung Ageng dance ( this dance was created by Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwana I . The dance tell about combat training)

The prince and princess met Yogyakarta people

Beksan Lawung Ageng Dance

Bedhaya Sangaskara dance (somebody told me that if you can perform this dance very good, you are a truly dancer)

the prince and princess watching the dance

The Princess

The Prince and Princess in their wedding reception

The Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwana X and his wife.

The Prince and Princess in their rings exchange ceremony

Now you may kiss the bride 🙂

Fiuuuh, you can see more pictures on the link i gave you above. Oh you also can see the tv streaming of their wedding here v-ubaidillah

and you can follow the twitter @kratonwedding. It’s  official twitter account of Kraton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Royal Wedding GKR Bendara & KPH Yudanegara.

And hey,….i have interesting website for you if you want to know more about kingdom ( specially in Indonesia, and widely kingdom in the world). The website is in Indonesian and English. Check this out :


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