Our well-known and authenthic food from a long time ago

After i posted the “Kerupuk” one, it make me hungry. So, i want to share the nasi goreng recipe the food which is very well-known since the colonialism even there is a holland song inspired by it…

Okay, after hearing the song let’s try to cook it and taste how delicious it is…

500 g rice
200 grams of boiled beef, cut into long thin
100 g wet shrimp, peeled
2 tablespoons soy sauce
2 tablespoons cooking oil for sauteing
Javanese Fried Rice Seasoning recipe, puree:

4 red chilies, seeded
1 tsp shrimp paste
6 pieces of red onion
3 cloves garlic
1 tsp coriander
½ tsp sugar
1 teaspoon salt
Complementary Java Fried Rice:

2 chicken eggs, make it like omelette
2 pieces of cucumber, peeled, cut into pieces
Prawn crackers (kerupuk)
Fried onions

How to Make Fried Rice:

Stir-fry ground spices until fragrant. Give 3 tablespoons water and soy sauce and stir well.
Insert meat and shrimp, stir briefly. Add rice, stirring constantly until blended wellover low heat, remove from heat. Serve with a sprinkling of fried onions, scrambled eggs, sliced ​​cucumber, and shrimp crackers (kerupuk).

BON APPETIT ! ^___^ [aci]


Kerupuk as our one of the other complementary dishes

Left : kerupuk "Emping" made from melinjo. Right : kerupuk made from shrimp

Here in Indonesia, we have some snacks maybe you called it named Kerupuk. We usually eat it as a complementary with our main food or we can have a little dip the kerupuk with you sambal if you like spicy food. There are many kind of kerupuk here and also many kind of making it. As i know, kerupuk are made from a tapioca flour, several spices and fish or shrimp. Here, people like it sooo much. Especially here in Bandung where we live, you can find it almost in every traditional food restaurant. You should try it when you go here. In Indramayu a region between west java and central java are well-know for its shrimp kerupuk.

Kerupuk made from the dried cow skin

Many kind of raw kerupuk. You must fried it before you eat it... ^__^

Spicy tapioca kerupuk

Kerupuk made from tapioca flour

So guys, after you taste it make a comment for us okay? hahaha… [aci]

Kerupuk and one of our traditional fried rice (nasi goreng) yummy !!

Indomie : A popular and Delicious Instant Noodle

Indomie is a product of Indonesia. It is an instant noodle with various taste and very delicious. The product is very popular  in several countries, and  very popular here as well.  I usually eat this instant noodle in breakfast, in a cold weather, and  when  i am lazy for cooking or there is no food left at home. Haha….but i don’t eat it everyday of course.

Since it’s very popular in several countries, there are many commercials tv about Indomie. Even, there is  Nigerian rapper who sing about indomie. In the song,  the rapper tell that he likes indomie so much.

Here is the video clip of J20, “Indomie”:

And there are also some commercials tv of Indomie around the world :

And here is one of the commercial tv from Indonesia:

you can find more videos on youtube .LOL. By the way, this is the official website of Indomie: http://www.indomie.com/


Dogar – Chocolate With Spicy Shredded Fish Flavor

Are you dare eating chocolate with spicy shredded fish  flavor? Can you imagine the flavor?This is another Indonesian product.  It’s sweet chocolate mix with salty and spicy shredded fish.  It’s very unique taste and delicious. If you are a food adventurer you should try this. My friend brought this from his homeland, Garut.  You must go to Garut city first to get this kind of chocolate or you can ask your friend who lives there, because it is a unique souvenir from Garut, West Java Province, Indonesia.[cel]


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The Most Expensive Coffee in The World

Are you a fan of coffee? Have you ever heard Luwak Coffee or Civet Coffee? Have you ever taste it?

Luwak Coffee or Civet Coffee  is a coffee which is taken from the poo of the Civet. People say that the taste is different and delicious. In time, more people in the world know about this coffee and it’s known as the most expensive coffee in the world which  cost USD 100 per 450 gr.

Who will know that the coffee of the poor people becomes the most delightful coffee in the world? In the 18th centuries when Indonesia was colonized by Dutch,  The Dutch built some plantation for their colonies especially in Java island and Sumatra island. One of them was the coffee beans  from Yaman. In the era of Cultuurstelsel (1830-1870) the Dutch prohibited the plantation workers to consumed the coffee.  One day, the workers  saw a civet whose consumed coffee fruits and their poo was a coffee beans. The workers made it a coffee and it’s so delicious. The news was spreading across the world and then this coffee become something rare and that is  why this coffee is so expensive.[aci].

Civet Coffee

More info please check here http://www.kopiluwak.org/new/index.htm

Indonesian Comic

Indonesian Comic in the past :





Inside/Lay out Indonesian comic in the past :




Indonesian comic today :

Do you see the difference? Yeah. Indonesian comic today is influenced by Japanese comic or Manga which came to Indonesia in 1990’s. Candy-Candy was the first Manga in Indonesia. This style is blended with local story so it become a unique things. If you want to see more Indonesian comic online today and the layout, you can go to this link: http://www.makko.co/index.php .[cel]

Red Chili Chocolate

Red Chili Chocolate of Monggo.

What do you  think about this? Hot chocolate? LOL. Believe me , this chocolate is really hot. The word “of eruption” in the picture is serious. If you only eat one tablet, it’s nothing. But if you eat more than 3 tablets, your tongue will feel hot, and this hot is going to your throat and stomach. Ingredient which make it hot and warm is not only a chili but also a clove. The combination of dark chocolate with chili and clove is perfect. I just like this taste of chocolate.  This chocolate is hotter than other chocolate which has chili taste.  I ever tried another brand which not made in Indonesia, it’s not hot.

The first time I ate Monggo chocolate was when I went to a supermarket and met a sales promotion girl of Monggo. I tried it and finally bought it, after I asked some questions to her. We had little interview, yeah. This Monggo was made in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Monggo used recycled paper to wrap the chocolate so, this company is green. And this is made by Belgian chocolatier. You can read more story of Monggo chocolate in here http://chocolatemonggo.com/en/content/our-story.

The yellow one inside the chocolate is chili rice which make the chocolate's taste hot.

So when you have a vacation in Indonesia, specially in Yogyakarta, don’t forget to try it. I recommend you  red chili chocolate for an exotic taste 🙂 [cel]

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