Indonesian Writer – Risa Sarasvati

Risa Sarasvati

Risa Sarasvati

Risa Sarasvati is one of the new wave writers whose young and unique (in my opinion).  In fact Risa Sarasvati is also well-known as an unique mucisian. She wrote all her experiences and her feeling about what you think might be crazy or irrational. You may called her indigo child because she can see what the other people can’t and she tries to make you wondering about what she’s seen by her book titled “DANUR“. Danur is water that comes from the bodies of living things die and decompose. Risa is trying to share and inviting us to her world by this book. She is telling about her “friends” Peter, William, Hans, Hendrick, Janshen, Samantha, Jane, Ardiah, Edwin, Teddy, Sarah, Elizabeth, Kasih. You should read it and feel the unique athmosphere while reading it like i did…hahaha~~ You can find her at  her twitter @risa_saraswati.

"Danur" the book written by Risa Sarasvati

“Danur” the book written by Risa Sarasvati

Did i said that she is a mucisian also? So, then take a look at her video clip titled “Song about Peter” one of the character in her book Danur :


Enjoy it guys ! [aci/@RestySavira]


Four Season of Love with Ilana Tan Books

Any of you like a romantic story? You should read the tetralogy of the master piece mysterious Ilana Tan. There aren’t so many info about who is Ilana Tan exactly, so i called her misterious. But, after i read the book i guess the writer is Indonesian since the book is telling about the love story of four Indonesian girl in the four different season and country and of course in different story. I love the books sooooooo much ! Started with Summer In Seoul, Autumn in Paris, Winter in Japan and the last is Spring in London. The unique thing in these books are the characters who are connected in each book.[aci].

One of Our Comedy Novelist

Adhitya Mulya is one of Indonesian novelist. His first debut was “Jomblo”, a romantic comedy novel I would say, which was very success and finally being filmed with the same title. I read his latest book, “Catatan Mahasiswa ganteng Gila!” which is  a non-fiction.  He recorded all his funny and silly experience in college in the book .  Yeah, this book made me laugh. This author is really crazy and funny. Hahaha 😀

Hmm…what the meaning of “Catatan Mahasiswa ganteng Gila”?   Hmm…maybe  “handsome crazy student records”? 😀

Anyway, Here is his book  cover:

Yup, it is his face on the cover!

Oh, he has a blog :

I am sorry it’s in Indonesian, but perhaps you can use google translate… LOL

Oh, and this is his twitter : @adhityamulya


Indonesian Comic

Indonesian Comic in the past :





Inside/Lay out Indonesian comic in the past :




Indonesian comic today :

Do you see the difference? Yeah. Indonesian comic today is influenced by Japanese comic or Manga which came to Indonesia in 1990’s. Candy-Candy was the first Manga in Indonesia. This style is blended with local story so it become a unique things. If you want to see more Indonesian comic online today and the layout, you can go to this link: .[cel]

After The Honeymoon

Who said that you will be happy ever after marriage? Fairy tales? After marriage you will face another problem. For example conflict with your parents in law and your couple habit which will happen every day and annoy you. But, if both of your love are strong enough, you can manage all the problems and fix it in a good way.  If you can pass it together, you will get the happy life with your couple  until dead.

Ollie can describe it successfully in her novel, “After the Honeymoon”. Ata and Barra, her main character on the novel, got married. They are in love. Atta is a success carrier woman, while Barra is an ordinary employee. They work in different office. Because Atta is very busy, she rare cooks at home, while  Barra is often use her money for her electronic hobbies and he can’t drive. One day, Atta get pregnant. If, Barra could drive, they wouldn’t move to Atta’s parents house. From the house, Atta’s office is closer than their house. Since then, Ata’s parents and Barra’s parents interfere their life and ruin their marriage life.

Ollie's Novel

Ollie  is Indonesian novelist, and  was born in Yogyakarta, June 17th 1983.  On 2005. She released her first book, ”Look! I’m on Fire”. A love story based in Seattle.  She’s now a writer of more than 19 books, from fiction, how-to to business books.[cel]


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