Dangdut is Music of My Country

Dangdut. Have you ever heard this kind of music? This kind of music is very famous in Indonesia. Most of people in Indonesia like dangdut. Well not all people like it, specially teenager who think that dangdut is not cool for their age, but I am sure deep in their heart they will like this music in time. Because this music is already in Indonesian blood…hahaha…. well, it just my opinion. Don’t get offended. I was one of teenager who thought that dangdut was not cool for my age, and when i am grown up…i turn to like this music. LOL

For me, there are two kinds of Dangdut’s singer: the singer who dance with an erotic move and the singer who don’t do that. I like Dangdut singer who DO NOT dance with an erotic move, because i can focus to the voice and the song.

Dangdut has various style too, there are: dangdut pop, dangdut rock, dangdut jazz, etc.

Since dangdut is music of my country, we surely have the king of Dangdut.  He is  Rhoma Irama. Who was very famous in my mother’s young time. Here is his performance:

His son, Ridho Rhoma, also follow his father career in Dangdut music. Like his father, he is become  popular. He is handsome, good-looking, and  has nice voice. You can check it in here:

Do you like his soft voice?

And here the web to see more video music clip from various Dangdut singer, male and female, in Indonesia: http://www.dangdut.us/

oh oh…i almost forget…several months ago, i watched tv news here, that in Japan there was dangdut club. A club for japanese or people who like dangdut. I forgot in which city the club is . But i remember the singer can sing popular dangdut song very fluently although she and her band don’t really understand the meaning 🙂

So, do you like Dangdut music?



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