When Indonesian Theaters Goes International “Hanoman The Ultimate Warrior”


Well as i must said personally, that at first i think theater, and drama in Indonesia isn’t one of the main thing like in France, or other countries. But, I’ve changed my mind after i saw the news about the success of drama musical entitled Hanoman : The Ultimate Warrior which was held in Jakarta several days ago. The story was originally taken from Indonesian traditional wooden puppet story. The casts are variative, from the real actor to singer. In fact, i saw that there are some  international artist that joined this event. Sadly, i don’t have any chance to see it live. But i heard that it was well composed and contained several actions stuff, and all the elements makes the harmony in this show even more  beautiful

This story was directed by Mirwan Suwarso. He said that the main goal of this story is to attract the Indonesian people to know a Indonesian’s traditional story which slowly but sure young generation starting to forget about it. July 2013, this show will be held in five differents cities in America such as Anaheim, Houston, Florida, Tampa, and San Jose. Next destination will be Europe. Some viewers recommend “Hanoman The Musical” to be watch with all of our family.

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for more info about this show, you could see it at this link www.dramasinema.com atau www.hanomanthemusical.com [aci]

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Here are Some Example of Animation film from Indonesia

Maybe animation industry in Indonesia is not as good as animation industry in Japan or America. But Indonesian also make animation movie or tv series, although not much. Here is some example videos:

and this is the latest tv series and showing on tv : Menggapai Bintang.

and this is a commercial animation from animation school in Solo :

Now you know that Indonesian also make animation movie or film 🙂


Tex Saverio

Tex Saverio is a young and talented fashion designer from Indonesia. He was born in 1984 and graduated from Bunka School of fashion Jakarta in 2004.

He makes awesome design for woman, so that woman would feel so beautiful in wearing his design. Lady Gaga even wore his design for Harper’s Bazaar magazine photo shot in America for May 2011 issue,  and because of that  cocoperez.com mention him. Well, www.cocoperez.com is a fashion blog.

His dresses are often seen at high-society events in Jakarta and  worn by women who can afford to get one-of-a-kind creations and wear them just once.
You can see some of his design below:

If you want to see how he looks like, see this:

You can see his blog too here : http://blog.texsaverio.com/ and there is also his twitter @texsaverio for some update news.[cel]

Lady Gaga wears Tex Saverio's design

Graphic Design in Indonesia

When I googling about graphic design in Indonesia, I found this interesting website. This is  a  collaborative site focused on the History of Graphic Design in Indonesia as an integral part of the international graphic design collective heritage. Some of you maybe want to know the development of it, you can go to this site and search the gallery by years ( it is in the right column). Don’t worry, this site is bilingual…well not all…but several of the article use English.  We also have  a lot of cool graphic design colleges here, and the students increase every year.

By the way, take a look at this  site I talked about : http://dgi-indonesia.com/


Jakarta Fashion Week

Indonesian Magazine, Femina, supports the annual event of Jakarta Fashion Week. This event held in the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta each year. Many talented Indonesian’s designers are showing their best design here. I think soon Indonesia will become the center of the southeast Asia fashion. ^__^ [aci].

Design by Adesagi Kierana

Design by Kanaya Tabitha

Design by Pedro

More info click here http://www.jakartafashionweek.co.id/2012/id/

Indonesian Comic

Indonesian Comic in the past :





Inside/Lay out Indonesian comic in the past :




Indonesian comic today :

Do you see the difference? Yeah. Indonesian comic today is influenced by Japanese comic or Manga which came to Indonesia in 1990’s. Candy-Candy was the first Manga in Indonesia. This style is blended with local story so it become a unique things. If you want to see more Indonesian comic online today and the layout, you can go to this link: http://www.makko.co/index.php .[cel]

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