Komodo, the biggest lizard in the world

Komodo (Varanus komodoensis) is the biggest reptile in the world lives in an island named Komodo Island, located near Flores region, East Nusa tenggara province. The people in the region called them ora. It could growth until 3m (9.8 ft) and weighing up to around 70 kilograms.  Their group behaviour in hunting is exceptional in the reptile world. The diet of big Komodo dragons mainly consists of deer, though they also eat considerable amounts of carrion. The scientist say that they have found the fossil of Komodo in Australia. In fact, that they already exist since 3,8 million years ago.

Mating begins between May and August, and the eggs are laid in September. About twenty eggs are deposited in abandoned nests or in a self-dug nesting hole. The eggs are incubated for seven to eight months, hatching in April, when insects are most plentiful. Young Komodo dragons  take about eight to nine years to mature, and are estimated to live for up to 30 years.

BEWARE for their saliva because it’s poisonous !

For you who would like to go there and see them with your own eyes, you should visit the pink beach too. There’re only 7 pink beach in the world ! Then you must go diving and the other beach activities ! It should be fun guys ! There are pleanty of place you should visit beside the komodo national park. ^_^ [aci]

This is the official site : http://komodonationalpark.org/

May i ask you one thing? Please vote for our komodo to become one of the new seven wonders by voting in this link http://www.new7wonders.com/vote-2?lang=en Thanks everyone ! ^__^

Have a nice day and God bless you !

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