Where Indonesian Ancestors Came From?

I read a  history book of 7 grade a while ago, and i found the topic about Indonesian ancestor.  I think it’s interesting topic to share here.

Ok, where Indonesian ancestor came from?

They came from  Yunnan, South China. They brought neolithic culture. Their arrival in Indonesia was divided into two  waves. The first waves was Proto Melayu, which is divided in two race : Papua-melanesoid and Austronesia.  They came around 2000 B.C . Papua-Melanesoid,  which brought  “kapak lonjong”,  spreaded from Yunnan to Philippines, North Sulawesi, Moluccas and Papua , while Austronesia  brought “kapak persegi” and spreaded from Yunnan to Malaya, Sumatra, Java, Nusa Tenggara and another islands.

In Indonesia this two races assimilated  and become Papua-Melanesoid race, but  some were still maintaining the authenticity of their race.

The second wave is  Deutro Melayu which is Austronesia race. This race spreaded  from Yunnan to Thailand, West Malaysia and several places in Indonesia.  This wave came around 500 B.C. They brought  Metal culture from Dongson, North Vietnam.

After they all arrive in Indonesia, race of papua-melanesoid, austronesia and austro-melanesoid  assimilated  and produce many  tribes which spreaded all over places in Indonesia.

Indonesian ancestors are recorded as agricultural society, they love art, they good in maritime and sailing over the sea and very religious. [sel].


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