Indonesian Batik’s Day

Howdy all !

Today, we Indonesian are celebrating  Batik’s Day !

Do you all know batik? I’ll tell you a brief  about it.

Batik is a traditional art just like painting in a fabric. It’s so unique! In fact, each region in Indonesia has their own types of design, history and characteristics. In traditional way, the pattern/motive is made by candle which was melted before and the artisan use them for drawing in the fabric using a tool that we named canting. Beside making pattern in handmade, Batik also can be made by printing. But the price of  printed batik is cheaper than a handmade batik. Some people know how to distinguish  printed batik and handmade batik, and some people do not.

Here it is some pictures about batik. [aci]

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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