Angklung Beat The World Record

What is Angklung? Angklung  is a musical instrument  from West Java, Indonesia, made of two bamboo tubes attached to a bamboo frame. Both two tubes will produce sound by shaking the frame.  There is several notes which is produced by Angklung : Pelong, Salendro, Pentatonis and Diatonis.

Salendro and Pelog mostly use in traditional Sundanese music. While Pentatonis only has note of Da, Mi, Na, Ti, La, Da. And Diatonis note is introduced by Daeng Soetigna in 1938 and has common note : Do, re Mi, Fa, So, La, Si, Do.

In the early ancient time, Angklung was used in a ceremony which is related to rice, in order to honor Nyai Sri Pohaci as a Rice Goddess. In Sundanese Kingdom, Angklung was used as encouragement in battle, After Islam came to Indonesia, Angklung was used as entertainment and used to spread Islam. A couple months ago, Indonesia breaks Guinness World Records for the largest angklung ensemble in Washington DC. [sel].

You can read the full article from here :
You also can see the video of that event in here:

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