Eat Pray Love – Times Best Seller Novel

This film is starring by the most beautiful smile Julia Robert. One of the best parts was taken in one of the most beautiful island here, Bali. Who doesn’t know Bali? The beauty place with the sand, beach and its culture.

This film is telling about a journalist named Gilbert (Julia Robert) who’s entering the age of 30 years, and has received all required by a modern American woman, who has companion of living, luxury homes, and a brilliant career.

However, it did not make her happy. Gilbert ambitious became panic, sadness, and facing uncertain lives. Gilbert felt the pain of divorce, depression, failure in love, and loss of grip in her life.

To recover her, Gilbert was taking a pretty extreme step. She left the job and the people who loved to do adventure travel the world alone.

For woman to look attractive, solo travel is obviously exciting adventure. Eat, pray, and love is a record of events in the months finding out who she was.

In her adventures, Gilbert set a goal to three different places. In every country, she studied aspects of life with their respective cultural background.

Italy became the first destination. In this lovely and distant country, Gilbert learned the art of enjoying life and Italian. Do not forget, she also spited her appetite by eating a variety of Italian cuisine delicious. Naturally, her body weight increased 12 pounds.

From Italy, Gilbert leaved for India. In this country she learned the art of devotion or surrender in a Hindu ashram or hermitage. She spent four months to explore her spiritual side.

Finally, Bali became her final destination. On this island this mature woman found her life goal, namely a balanced life between earthly joy and inner peace.

She became a disciple of an old medicine man named Ketut Liyer who was also a painter and fortune-telling through the reading hand lines. Gilbert was also friend with Nyoman, a traditional herbalist Bali.

And most importantly, in Bali, Gilbert who will never again be romantically linked with any man, finally found her true love back on  Felipe, the Brazilian middle-aged man who was much older than her.

Want to watch the trailer ? Check it out.[aci]


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